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Strange Window Shapes and How to Cover Them

round windows

Windows are not always just rectangular boxes set in the wall. Using interesting window shapes is a great way to add interest to your home decor while taking advantage of natural light. If you’ve decided to install an unusually shaped window, or if you already have one, the challenge becomes how to cover it. Most shades and blinds are created in rectangular shapes, and it’s unlikely you will find one in a round, oval, or diamond shape. Here are some ideas to cover unusually shaped windows in stylish ways. Accent Windows The most unusual shapes are usually found in smaller windows. Round, oval, diamond, arch-topped, and other window shapes can add visual interest to both your indoor decor and to the exterior of your house. But if you need to control light levels or want to maintain privacy, these unusual shapes may still need to be covered. While non-rectangular blinds and shades are not standard, it is possible to have…

Picture of the Week: Niteguard™ Faux Wood at BlindSaver

This unique faux wood blind featured exclusively at BlindSaver.com has a new way to combat light gaps that keep your privacy from being complete. The slats of the blind are angled with the route holes in the back of the slat. As a result, the route holes are completely hidden when the slats are closed and almost no light passes between the slats. These blinds are a great window covering solution for any room where privacy is an imperative, and will help you sleep easier and deeper.