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“Live Lovely” with Kristan Cunningham’s Custom Window Shades and Blinds


Fans of HGTV’s Design on a Dime will remember former host Kristan Cunningham. She has come a long way over the years, evolving from giving others advice on how to make their homes beautiful to starting her own design company, Hammer and Spear, with her husband, Scott Jarrell. Her products range from furniture to decor, and she recently launched a line of window treatments through Kristan is passionate about windows because she feels that they are a perfect place to begin design efforts. She says, “The best place to start is with windows because it is the most visual thing in a space.” Her window treatments are all reasonably priced because she thinks “it shouldn’t be exclusive to those who are able to spend the most to be able to live a beautiful life; it is my mission is to show everyone how to live a beautiful life.” And Kristan wants you to “live a little bit more lovely by living…

Tips to Add and Coordinate Texture in Any Room

add texture to room

You probably feel like you already have more than enough to deal with when decorating your home. There’s lighting, furniture, accessories, flooring, window treatments, color coordination — the list seems endless. But texture coordination is worth the effort because it adds a completely new dimension to your design scheme. Using a variety of textures makes the room interesting to look at and comfortable to be in. There are many ways to add texture to a room, and following these tips can set you on the right track in creating your design. Approaching Texture If this is your first time considering texture, you may not know how much texture is too much to incorporate into a room. Do you remember your grandmother’s shag-carpeted, clutter-filled den? That’s too much texture. The key, just like with color, is to create textural focal points. You can still go with shag if that’s your thing but try to confine it to an area rug in…

Whole-Home Color Coordination with Levolor [Video]

color coordinate

Transcript is proud to offer Levolor custom blinds and shades. Levolor is an industry leader in blind and shade color coordination, both within each category and across all categories in general. This coordination allows you to select a beautiful color and use it again and again in your home on a variety of blind and shade styles and with different light-filtering levels. Let’s take a look at how Levolor manufactures blinds and shades that are both beautiful and functional. This first image shows our incredibly popular and energy-efficient Accordia cellular shades that coordinate beautifully with our top-of-the-line large window solution, Perceptions soft vertical blinds. These blinds can be found in the vertical alternative section. Perceptions combine the look and movement of a drapery with the functionality and room darkening of a vertical. This image shows our gorgeous translucence fabric in sterling that can be ordered as both a Perceptions soft vertical and an Accordia cellular. Moving in to a…

Color-Coordinate Your Room — Without Going Crazy

color coordinate no crazy

Color coordinating a room can be a very intimidating process. The color scheme you choose for your room dictates the mood, atmosphere, and the personal statement you create in your design. With that in mind, choosing palette may seem to be a huge task. By keeping a few tips in mind, you will see that putting together a color-coordinated room is not so difficult after all, and you will love seeing your favorite shades come together in a perfectly designed room. Choose a Base The best place to start is with your base color. The easiest way to pick the color around which you will design the rest of your room is to choose the objects that will stand out most in the room. Perhaps a painting on the wall, an expensive rug, or a bold vase will be the focus of the space. Once you choose your base color, remember that you don’t need to make everything match that…

Kristan Cunningham Presents: KC Studios with BlindSaver [Video]

stacked stones

Transcript Hi there, I’m Kristan Cunningham, and I’m an interior designer, television host, and now a shop owner. So, I wear many hats — but underneath all of them, my mission is always the same: To show my audience, and my clients, and my customers how to live a beautiful life. Because it shouldn’t be exclusive to those who can spend the most. The most lovely homes are the ones that are a good reflection of the people who live in them, and the time, effort, and love spent creating them. This is why I’m so proud to have partnered with to create this exclusive line just for you. For over 25 years, Blind Saver has been offering beautiful, affordable, customizable product, and now I get to be a part of that. For a designer, nothing is more exciting than being handed the opportunity to create something fresh and exciting and new out of something that is valuable and…

Picture of the Week: Envision a Clean Look

With select Comfortex Envision Roman Shade fabrics, the clutter of cords visible to your neighbors is a thing of the past. The pleated liner is seperate from the back of the shade, and the cords rest between the liner and the roman shade fabric. This means the clean, tailored look of your shades isn’t dampened by knowing how they look outside your home. This option is available on both Flat Panel and Hobbled romans, so no matter what your style is, we have you and your strings covered. With Envision, your shades are beautiful from front to back.

Picture of the Week: Top-Down / Bottom-Up

This versatile feature allows light in from the top while still offering privacy at eye-level on cellular, pleated, roman, and natural shades. An important consideration is whether you want this feature controlled with cords or without cords. Corded control is ideal when the top of the window is out of easy reach. This is most common above a sink or on a very tall window. Cordless top-down / bottom-up is perfect for children’s rooms and for any window where the top of the window will be within easy reach. Add this convenient feature for a great price today!

Picture of the Week: Great Prints, Good Housekeeping

What we love about this picture is how the light print adds life and whimsy to the room while letting in the perfect amount of light. Available in Rollers, Flat Panel Romans, and Cellular Shades, this pattern can pretty up any room and coordinates easily throughout the home. What’s more, the Good Housekeeping line of window coverings passed the vigorous testing of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, so their quality is guaranteed like no other shade on the market.