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Picture of the Week: Top-Down / Bottom-Up

This versatile feature allows light in from the top while still offering privacy at eye-level on cellular, pleated, roman, and natural shades. An important consideration is whether you want this feature controlled with cords or without cords. Corded control is ideal when the top of the window is out of easy reach. This is most common above a sink or on a very tall window. Cordless top-down / bottom-up is perfect for children’s rooms and for any window where the top of the window will be within easy reach. Add this convenient feature for a great price today!

Picture of the Week

We love pleated shades for their versitility and the rich variety of fabrics. Another great win? They can be made with matching stationary arches to keep the beautiful statement that unique window makes without sacrificing your privacy. Don’t see a specialty shade on our site that you need? Call our customer service team for more great custom products, or email your dimensions and needs to for a detailed quote.

Picture of the Week

This picture features both a beautiful shade and a solution to the common problem of finding a shade to fit a large window. Instead of trying to create three inside mount shades or one massive shade, this blind has an outside mount 3-on-1 headrail that combines the continuity of one large shade with the versatility of individual shades.