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Alicia’s Decorating Dilemma 101 — Picture This

Last year after my son’s birth, my husband and I moved out of our large, one-bedroom apartment to a smaller, more affordable two-bedroom space while we save for a home. The biggest challenge we face is less space, and our family photos exemplify the dilemma perfectly.  Only two walls in our new home have enough space to hold photos, so I needed to pair down the clutter. I had a huge hodge-podge of frames that were the product of having my pictures spread throughout a large apartment with high ceilings. The first step in the process was to go through the photos and decide which were the most important. Trimming out old snapshots and moving them to the family photo albums helped a lot. I then narrowed it down to the special shots from specific occasions- wedding photos, holidays, and my son’s introduction to his family.  I still needed some inspiration, so I went online to look at various collage frames. On…