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The Right Lighting Choice: Accent, Primary, and Natural

primary, accent or natural lighting

The form of lighting you use to illuminate your home will go a long way in defining your overall decor. Light allows you to create an atmosphere that can highlight the furnishings of each space, brighten the color and texture schemes of your walls, and set the mood that best fits each room. Choosing accent lighting to go along with primary lighting choices requires that you consider the bigger picture regarding your style and the ambiance you hope to create. Natural lighting, on the other hand, does more than simply provide a creative way to design the overall look and feel of your décor—it’s also a way that you can conserve energy by utilizing sunlight, not electricity. Determining which lighting type to use and how these types work independently or together involves understanding the differences among the choices, as well as the factors of your interior design goals. Primary Lighting Primary lighting choices involve the ways in which you light…

“Live Lovely” with Kristan Cunningham’s Custom Window Shades and Blinds


Fans of HGTV’s Design on a Dime will remember former host Kristan Cunningham. She has come a long way over the years, evolving from giving others advice on how to make their homes beautiful to starting her own design company, Hammer and Spear, with her husband, Scott Jarrell. Her products range from furniture to decor, and she recently launched a line of window treatments through Kristan is passionate about windows because she feels that they are a perfect place to begin design efforts. She says, “The best place to start is with windows because it is the most visual thing in a space.” Her window treatments are all reasonably priced because she thinks “it shouldn’t be exclusive to those who are able to spend the most to be able to live a beautiful life; it is my mission is to show everyone how to live a beautiful life.” And Kristan wants you to “live a little bit more lovely by living…

(Window) Shades of Gray: How to Decorate with this Cool Hue

gray is the new black

You’ve seen it everywhere: The color gray is making its name in home design. Magazines are raving about it, stores are featuring it, and your friends’ houses are starting to showcase it. Gray is taking over the design scene, and you want in. The thought of going gray, however, might make you a little nervous. Don’t worry. Gray in design has none of the connotations that gray hair does. A gray accent in your home will rejuvenate your entire design scheme and create an atmosphere of youth, affluence, and refined taste. There Isn’t Just One Gray If you aren’t too familiar with the world of gray, then you might be astonished by how many variations there are for each shade. There are dark, light, warm, cool, metallic, matte, industrial, colonial, and many more shades of gray beyond that. Each shade and hue has specific colors that bring out its individual essence. Warm grays bring out the best of earthy tones,…

How to Choose the Right Shades for Your Bathroom Windows

bathroom shades

The bathroom is often overlooked and neglected when it comes to design. A room so dedicated to function can be easy to forget in terms of creating a beautiful home. However, there is a lot more to a nice bathroom than towel racks and a pretty soap dispenser. One of the most important areas in the bathroom is the window — if there it one — because it controls how much light enters the room, how warm the room feels, and how private the space is. There are a few things to consider when picking out appropriate window treatments for your home’s bathroom. Privacy The first design concern in any bathroom should be privacy. A bathroom is a personal respite away from the world, and no one will be able to get comfortable if the room feels too exposed. In order to pick out appropriate window treatments for your bathroom, consider a few things: What floor is the bathroom on?…

How to Avoid (or Fix) These Home-Decorating Mistakes

avoid decorating mistakes

Decorating your home can be daunting, especially if you are taking on more than one room. Using colors, textures, and fixtures to create a statement about yourself and your home is not an easy task, and there are many elements to consider when putting together a design. Although every look is different, there are a few universal mistakes every home decorator should avoid. Working around Something You Hate Getting rid of gifts can be tough. Maybe your mom was so excited to pass down the lace curtains that she used in her formal dining room for you to hang in your living room, or maybe your best friend gave you a giant painting of tap-dancing cats, and she was hoping it would earn a place of honor in your home. Whatever the despised item may be, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so you think, “This is okay. I can work around this.” Why It’s a Bad Idea You…

Picking the Perfect Cellular Shade

With so many fabrics, colors, and light control choices, cellular shades are perfect for any home, budget, and style. But all those choices can feel a little overwhelming. Consider the following to help you make your choice with confidence. 1. Light filtering or blackout? Most people prefer to sleep in complete darkness, and blackout fabrics fit the bill for a deep sleep. Not only do blackout fabrics block light, they also muffle outside noise and provide complete privacy. For complete light control, you can overlap your windows with your shades by a adding a couple of inches on each side. If you don’t want to live in the dark, double cell light filtering shades offer light in your room with minimal silhouetting- the effect of your shadow being visible on your shade from outside your room at night (think shadow puppets here). If you’re not too concerned about privacy, feel free to get a single cell shade- you can choose…

Picture of the Week: Protecting Your Privacy

You made a great choice when you picked out those beautiful woven wood samples. Their rich texture stands out in your room, and does it without making a big fussy scene.  But before you click “Continue With Checkout”, take a moment to add a liner to any shade that’s destined for a bedroom or bathroom. The unique weaves of a Natural Shade are beautiful, but they are also semi-sheer. Add a natural liner to hold on to both your sense of style and your privacy.