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Using the Natural Beauty of Bamboo in Your Window Coverings

There are so many different types of window coverings out there today; trying to decide what direction to go can be difficult. There are a host of types, styles, materials and different brands to choose from. If you are just in the beginning stages of looking for new window blinds, feel free to visit our website to get an idea of what is available. Have you ever thought about going with a “green” approach in your window coverings? One of the most popular selections today is blinds made with eco-friendly bamboo because they look great and are made from sustainable materials. Sustainable materials include products made from renewable resources like bamboo and wood harvested through “sustainable yield forest management”. There are three types of blinds made with bamboo. Horizontal wood blinds made with bamboo wood slats are inexpensive, stylish and available in several stain colors. They present a highly efficient way to direct light in a room while providing…