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The Right Lighting Choice: Accent, Primary, and Natural

primary, accent or natural lighting

The form of lighting you use to illuminate your home will go a long way in defining your overall decor. Light allows you to create an atmosphere that can highlight the furnishings of each space, brighten the color and texture schemes of your walls, and set the mood that best fits each room. Choosing accent lighting to go along with primary lighting choices requires that you consider the bigger picture regarding your style and the ambiance you hope to create. Natural lighting, on the other hand, does more than simply provide a creative way to design the overall look and feel of your décor—it’s also a way that you can conserve energy by utilizing sunlight, not electricity. Determining which lighting type to use and how these types work independently or together involves understanding the differences among the choices, as well as the factors of your interior design goals. Primary Lighting Primary lighting choices involve the ways in which you light… Recognized as Google Trusted Store

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Denver, Colo. — July 8, 2014 –, a leading online retailer of blinds and shades, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to ecommerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting the BlindSaver website, shoppers can hover over the Google Trusted Store badge and see metrics on the store’s shipping and customer service performance. BlindSaver has a pronounced rating for excellent service and a consistent rating for on-time shipping. “We take pride in leading the industry in customer service with innovative features like the Perfect Fit for You program which we launched earlier this year,” said Tim Baker, president of “Participating in the Google Trusted Store program was the next logical step to formalize what we were already doing to take care of our customers.” As an added…

How to Pick the Perfect Houseplants


Houseplants add their own touch to a home and can look stylish as well as freshen up a tired corner. Choosing the right plant for the room you have in mind is an art, as some thrive in lighter areas rather than dark corners. Before you even start looking for plants, you must decide where it will be positioned. Is it in a sunny place or in a shaded area? You also need to think about the space involved as houseplants do grow, as well as how much care is involved. All these issues are relevant to the type of plant that is best suited to the space in your home. Light or Dark One of the most important things to consider when buying a houseplant is the light and the position of the plant. If you plan on buying a houseplant for a sunny windowsill, then a plant like a cyclamen or a geranium will do well. Bamboo palm…

Don’t Let Sunlight Damage Your Art


Do you have any drawings you made as a child, or a really old newspaper? Chances are the drawing or newspaper is discolored, brittle or cracked; this can be caused by UV damage. If you don’t protect your paintings or photographs, they can end up much like the drawing or newspaper. Once artwork becomes damaged, its value is reduced and it can be very expensive to restore. In most cases of UV damage, the harm is irreversible. Luckily, protecting artwork from UV damage is not very difficult. What Is UV? UV stands for ultraviolet light, which is a spectrum of light that is present in sunlight and fluorescent light. This light has more energy than other forms, so it works more quickly at deteriorating artwork. It does this by breaking down the fibers in the photo or painting’s paper and canvas. Paper, however, is much more susceptible and needs more protection than paintings on canvas. This form of light will…

Plant a Garden on Your Window Sill


Herbs are easy to grow and are superb for flavoring foods and freshening up your kitchen. You don’t need a large garden, as many of these versatile plants can be grown on a shelf or balcony near a kitchen window or on the sill itself, space permitting. Here are a few ideas on getting the best out of growing herbs. Choose Your Plants Herbs are very easy to grow from seed. Choose varieties that are used often in cooking, such as parsley, basil and chives. You might also like coriander if you cook a lot of Asian dishes. Take a look at the varieties of seed on sale at the garden center and choose around three or four to start. You can also pool resources with a friend, grow different seeds, and share the crops. If you know you’ll use lots of basil or chives, grow a larger amount when you begin planting seeds. Fill a small pot with compost…

How to Create Your Own Home Theater

Create your own home theatre

Wouldn’t it be nice to indulge in the joys of a movie theater without having to drive anywhere, buy tickets, be on someone else’s schedule, search for a decent seat, try to peer over the tall guy in front of you, and listen to strangers talking behind you. You want to watch movies any time you want and watch whatever movie you want, whether it’s a new release or a classic film. You want to be close to your own bathroom and have a pause button for your own intermissions. You want your kids to be the envy of the neighborhood after they invite their friends over. That’s why you want to know how to create your own home theater. You’ve got enough space in your family room, a spare bedroom or basement, so it’s time to finally make this dream come true. The Silver Screen Turning your den into a home theater involves a few details to reach perfection,…

Bay Windows: Everything You Want to Know

bay windows and blinds

A bay window is a combination of three or more windows that dramatically extend from your home. The combination of windows is typically three with angled sides that extend a room outward maximizing your view. The result is a unique type of window that adds architectural interest to both the home’s exterior and interior which may increase resale value. Advantages and Disadvantages of Bay Windows One benefit of bay windows is they add a little extra space to your interior since they often stick out by a few feet. In addition, due to the angles of the glass, bay windows allow lots of natural light to come in. And since you can open the glass on both sides of the window, you get double the breeze. When you consider these benefits, along with the elegant look that such windows can bring to your home, it’s no wonder that they can increase the value of your property. Of course, like any…