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Picture of the Week: Beat the Heat


Summer is here, with its long, glorious days. Now is the perfect time to address those beautiful wide windows. You’ve left them bare to keep the panoramic views and flood of light intact, but you pay for that decision in air conditioning bills and faded decor. Try instead using Panel Track Blinds with a solar screen fabric. You’ll keep your view while the specialized fabric blocks UV rays. This summer, you can turn down the AC and hang your favorite paintings with confidence.

3 Ways to Go Green for the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time – there’s the time off from work, visits from family, and the fun of carrying on traditions from generation to generation. However, the not-so-fun side of the holidays is the electric and gas bill, pine needles in the carpet, and climbing all over that slippery roof to hang your lights. In a season of excess, going green won’t just make you feel better about the polar bears: over the course of time, it will make your wallet feel better, too. So here’s a list of three things you can do to make your holidays cozier, not costlier. 1. Replace those old tangled string lights. Everyone has them somewhere- on the tree, wrapped around the roof, draped decoratively around the flower bed. But they’re such a hassle! Lights burn out pretty quickly, and when you replace one string it never quite matches the others. Maybe you can’t afford to replace EVERY Christmas light in your…

Featured Brand: Graber

When it comes to picking the right window treatment, whether for the office or for the home, there are certain things that buyers should consider. Probably one of the most important factors that one should look into is the reputation of the company manufacturing the blinds. Today, we take a look at Graber, one of the most trusted names in the industry, to see the advantages of Graber blinds. Graber has been in existence since 1939 and through the decades, the company has made a name for itself for combining form and function when it comes to their wide range of products from mini blinds to cellular shades. The innovative design of Graber blinds have set them apart from the competition. Brief History Before Graber blinds became popular, available window treatment products were not as innovative as they are today. John N. Graber started looking for a window treatment solution when the venetian blinds he bought were not the look…

Energy Efficient Window Coverings: Green Designs

Sustainability has become a focus for most of us and today there are more products to choose from that are eco-friendly; especially when it comes to decorating. A good example is window coverings. There are actually many environmentally friendly window covering products made with recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials.  There are also window coverings that help you save energy as well. Whether you want to feel good about being environmentally responsible or you want to save a few dollars a month on your utilities, buying energy efficient window coverings is a great idea. As the push for more sustainable products evolves, companies are working hard to produce products with a wide range of colors, textures, materials and styles.  One of the most popular choices is the sustainable product bamboo blinds.  A reason bamboo is such a great material for window coverings is the rate bamboo can grow and the fact that it does not need to be replanted after it is harvested….

Window Covering Color Trends for 2010

Window coverings are a vital design element in a room and they serve an important function – privacy, light control and energy efficiency. Determining what window coverings meet your needs for privacy, light control, energy efficiency and your budget are typically the first step in selecting the right window covering. The next step is usually the hardest – picking the color and material. Understanding current color trends can be helpful when choosing colors. Colors for 2010 have been influenced by global and earth friendly trends. Global colors include yellow and green, rich plum purples and brilliant brights. Window coverings available in global colors – yellows, greens, purples and vibrant colors – include cellular shades, roller shades, roman shades and mini blinds. These types of blinds offer a wide selection of colors as well privacy, light control and energy efficiencies; and most are budget friendly. Earth tone neutrals as well as green colors translate to earth friendly. Wood blinds, faux wood…

Take Advantage of Tax Credits

Save energy and qualify for tax credits too. A tax credit of 30% of the cost of qualifying products, up to $1,500 during the 2009 and 2010 tax years, is available for several window covering products. Any qualifying blind ordered between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010 can be claimed up to a combined total of $1500 under the Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency. The ComfortTrack Plus Energy Saving Sidetrack System by Comfortex is available for purchase online and is certified for federal tax credits for energy efficiency. The shade features an insulating honeycomb fabric with an integrated sidetrack system that seals off the gaps between the shades and windows to create a solid insulating barrier to drafts. This system is designed to reduce heat loss or gain in a house. Windows can gain and lose heat in the following ways: ·        Direct conduction through the glass or frame ·        The radiation of heat into a house ·       …

4 Ways to Choose Eco-Friendly Blinds


An important, but often overlooked, factor in determining which blind or shade to put in your home is the environmental impact in its manufacturing and the effects on indoor air quality in your home. Energy efficient blinds and shades also help the environment. By effectively channeling the natural power of the sun, window coverings insulate during the winter, block solar heat gain in the summer and reduce UV damage inside the home. We’ve put together a list of 4 important attributes to look for when purchasing your window treatment:  GREENGUARD certification, sustainable manufacturing, Oeko-Tex® certification, and energy efficient design. 1) GREENGUARD Certification: The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI), an industry independent, non-profit organization, grants GREENGUARD Certification. GEI puts products through a series of tests to determine if they meet acceptable standards for indoor air quality. Those that pass are awarded GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification. Products that receive the GREENGUARD tag are continually tested to ensure they maintain the approved standards. 2) Sustainable Manufacturing  Products manufactured at facilities employing…