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Top 5 Most Popular Blinds


Here are the 5 most popular window treatments to guide your decision making. There is a reason these blinds are the most popular. Read on. #1 Cellular Shades Cellular shades are one of the most popular shades in the country because they do so much. The offer a lot of insulation, they offer light control and they come in a wide variety of fabrics and colors. They are available cordless, and some can be raised from the top down. Cellular shades will enhance your windows and work with most decors. Because windows can account for 25% of heat and air loss in the home, the insulation value of cellular shades saves money on heating and air conditioning, a major plus for this product. The structure of the shade creates the insulation. Honeycomb pockets trap air inside and these pockets become instant insulators that stop or slow down the transfer of heat between your windows and the rest of your home….

Durable Blinds for Heavy Wear and Tear Areas

blinds for high traffic areas

If you have kids, a few precocious canines or felines that act as your kids, you are probably all too familiar with the phrase, “this is why we can’t have nice things.”  Of course, having a house full of white fabrics and antiques is not an ideal situation when you have your kids in the house. Just because you can’t have priceless artifacts, doesn’t mean you can’t dress your home with style and safety for the little ones. Today, we are going to shed some light on durable and safe blinds that will defend against your kids, canines and felines. Faux Wood Blinds Are you the type of person who really enjoys a rustic look to your house, but wouldn’t dream of installing wood blinds because they might warp? Then you are the type of person type who could use faux wood blinds to achieve a rustic look to your house. Wood blinds will provide your home with the look…

Picture of the Week: Niteguard™ Faux Wood at BlindSaver


This unique faux wood blind featured exclusively at BlindSaver.com has a new way to combat light gaps that keep your privacy from being complete. The slats of the blind are angled with the route holes in the back of the slat. As a result, the route holes are completely hidden when the slats are closed and almost no light passes between the slats. These blinds are a great window covering solution for any room where privacy is an imperative, and will help you sleep easier and deeper.

Spring Cleaning for Your Blinds

The gloom of winter is finally lifting away for the brightness of summer. Now is the perfect time to open up windows for fresh air and clear away the last stronghold of winter dreariness: dingy window coverings.  Your shades have been down all winter, keeping the cold out of your home, and they too may need a little TLC. Here’s a breakdown of the “how-tos” for the most common dirty-blind culprits. Vinyl Vertical Blinds and Faux Woods: Because these are usually made of PVC or a PVC-Wood Composite, the size of faux wood and vinyl vertical blinds needn’t stop you from cleaning them up. A rag and some warm water will easily clean up lingering dust. If you’re wiping them down and notice a thick layer of grunge that resists your efforts and just sticks to the blind, constantly being pushed forward by your rag, don’t despair! This is usually the result of oils from fingers, hair, and airborne skin…

Sometimes, Being Fake Is a Good Thing

Wood blinds are a beautiful creation. They bring warmth and color to a room while blocking light and providing privacy. Basswood blinds are economical but beautiful, while North American hardwood has a luster to it that brings any room to life. But wood blinds can be a drag on your style in certain settings. They have very limited resistance to moisture, which can result in warping and cracking over time. Wood blinds are available in a variety of stains to match your furniture, but those stains are vulnerable to chipping and gouging, especially along the edges. Faux wood blinds are a great, economical alternative. Named “faux” — the French word “false” — these creations provide more value than their name implies. They have all the same great options available like routeless, cordless, and decorative tapes. Many brands coordinate colors between their faux wood and real wood collections, so customers who have their hearts set on Wood can put a sturdy alternative…

Walkin’ in a One Day Wonderland

When it comes to windows, there’s nothing worse than having to drape a sheet over a window for holiday guests. But what do you do when the holidays sneak up on you and that window is still embarrassingly bare? The answer is simple and affordable: One Day Production Blinds and Shades from BlindSaver. One Day Production products are just that: production is completed in one day (typically the day after you place your order and ships within 24 hours). This means that instead of ordering your shades, hoping everything goes off without a hitch, and forking out the hefty fees for next day air, most customers simply place their order and receive it in less than a week and a half. One Day Production wood blinds, faux wood blinds, and cellular shades are available in a variety of colors to make it easy to coordinate with any room. So make your holidays less hectic this year, and put that sheet on the…

Choosing the Correct Slat Size for Faux Wood Blinds

If you are looking for the elegant look of wood window blinds but can’t squeeze them into your budget or the window is exposed to a lot of moisture, consider faux wood blinds as an equal alternative. Some faux wood styles even mimic the texture of natural wood. Faux wood blinds are available in a variety of natural white tones as well as a whole range of replica wood tones and matching valance is included with every order. Faux wood blinds have adjustable slats that come in two sizes: 2 inch or 2-½ inch, and each size serves a different need. Two-inch slats, the most popular size, offers privacy and light control which is important for bedrooms and bathrooms. Many brands offer upgrades for faux wood blinds to eliminate more light by hiding or disappearing visible route holes for a smoother appearance and increasing sound absorption. Another option available to cover the route holes are 1 ½ inch tapes which add a decorative embellishment to enhance your…

How to Clean Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are beautiful and are one of the first things that people notice when they walk into your home. They can also be a challenge when it comes to the task of cleaning them. Cleaning wooden or faux wood blinds keeps the dust off so they look their best. With a few simple cleaning techniques, you won’t work up a sweat while cleaning your wood blinds. With regular cleaning, dust will not build up making each cleaning quick and easy. You can get away with dusting your blinds about once per month (depending on how dusty your home gets), or just dust whenever you see a layer of dust start to form. For a quick dust, tilt the slats down and dust with your favorite furniture dusting tool. For a more thorough cleaning wipe each slat with a soft cloth. Do not use water, solvents or abrasive solutions to clean the blind. This will cause damage to the blind. In very dusty…