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Top 5 Most Popular Blinds

Here are the 5 most popular window treatments to guide your decision making. There is a reason these blinds are the most popular. Read on. #1 Cellular Shades Cellular shades are one of the most popular shades in the country because they do so much. The offer a lot of insulation, they offer light control and they come in a wide variety of fabrics and colors. They are available cordless, and some can be raised from the top down. Cellular shades will enhance your windows and work with most decors. Because windows can account for 25% of heat and air loss in the home, the insulation value of cellular shades saves money on heating and air conditioning, a major plus for this product. The structure of the shade creates the insulation. Honeycomb pockets trap air inside and these pockets become instant insulators that stop or slow down the transfer of heat between your windows and the rest of your home….

Picking the Perfect Cellular Shade

With so many fabrics, colors, and light control choices, cellular shades are perfect for any home, budget, and style. But all those choices can feel a little overwhelming. Consider the following to help you make your choice with confidence. 1. Light filtering or blackout? Most people prefer to sleep in complete darkness, and blackout fabrics fit the bill for a deep sleep. Not only do blackout fabrics block light, they also muffle outside noise and provide complete privacy. For complete light control, you can overlap your windows with your shades by a adding a couple of inches on each side. If you don’t want to live in the dark, double cell light filtering shades offer light in your room with minimal silhouetting- the effect of your shadow being visible on your shade from outside your room at night (think shadow puppets here). If you’re not too concerned about privacy, feel free to get a single cell shade- you can choose…

Keeping the “Brrr!” Outside

Winter is upon us with a vengeance, and if you’re tired of walking around the house wrapped in a blanket, we’ve got some shiver-reducing tips that will have you warmed up in no time, while reducing the dreaded energy bill. Get Friendly with a Space Heater At nighttime when the temperature outside plummets, it may seem like your heating system is powerless but your bill is limitless. The solution to your woes is simple- space heaters. They can be adjusted for individual comfort levels, so you don’t need to shiver for the sake of the easily overheated members of your family. By turning down your thermostat to the mid-sixties at night and turning up the space heaters in the bedrooms, you can save a chunk of change. For safety’s sake, though, please invest in new space heaters with concealed coils that turn off when tipped over. Have small children? Wait to turn on the heater until bedtime, and remove it…

Picture of the Week: Top-Down / Bottom-Up

This versatile feature allows light in from the top while still offering privacy at eye-level on cellular, pleated, roman, and natural shades. An important consideration is whether you want this feature controlled with cords or without cords. Corded control is ideal when the top of the window is out of easy reach. This is most common above a sink or on a very tall window. Cordless top-down / bottom-up is perfect for children’s rooms and for any window where the top of the window will be within easy reach. Add this convenient feature for a great price today!

Picture of the Week

Big windows, a beautiful view… and a really cold room. No one wants to ruin their view, but wearing your winter coat indoors is no fun either.  What we love about Levolor’s Sheer Efficiency Cellulars is their patented Energy Shield, which allows you to keep your beautiful view without sacrificing your heating bill. These sheers combine the view and solar protection of solar screens with the insulating power of cellulars, making this the picture of the week.

How to Choose the Perfect Color

You’ve read up on color psychology.  You’ve put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and a slipcover on the sofa. You’ve thought over whether you’re a neutrals or color kind of person. You have decided which KIND of treatment you want. And then you get online to buy your shades and you freeze. There are just so MANY colors to choose from! And going neutral doesn’t solve the problem- there’s more shades of white than you ever thought possible! Take a deep breath. You don’t have to use “eenie-meenie-minie-moe” to pick your color (in fact, I strongly recommend against this method and similar ones such as “well, it says it’s white, so…”). The first step is to order samples. This is always worth the delay, because computer screens do not represent fabric qualities or colors accurately. Since you are typically limited on how many free samples you can get at once, and manufacturers update their available colors annually to keep…

3 Ways to Go Green for the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time – there’s the time off from work, visits from family, and the fun of carrying on traditions from generation to generation. However, the not-so-fun side of the holidays is the electric and gas bill, pine needles in the carpet, and climbing all over that slippery roof to hang your lights. In a season of excess, going green won’t just make you feel better about the polar bears: over the course of time, it will make your wallet feel better, too. So here’s a list of three things you can do to make your holidays cozier, not costlier. 1. Replace those old tangled string lights. Everyone has them somewhere- on the tree, wrapped around the roof, draped decoratively around the flower bed. But they’re such a hassle! Lights burn out pretty quickly, and when you replace one string it never quite matches the others. Maybe you can’t afford to replace EVERY Christmas light in your…

Walkin’ in a One Day Wonderland

When it comes to windows, there’s nothing worse than having to drape a sheet over a window for holiday guests. But what do you do when the holidays sneak up on you and that window is still embarrassingly bare? The answer is simple and affordable: One Day Production Blinds and Shades from BlindSaver. One Day Production products are just that: production is completed in one day (typically the day after you place your order and ships within 24 hours). This means that instead of ordering your shades, hoping everything goes off without a hitch, and forking out the hefty fees for next day air, most customers simply place their order and receive it in less than a week and a half. One Day Production wood blinds, faux wood blinds, and cellular shades are available in a variety of colors to make it easy to coordinate with any room. So make your holidays less hectic this year, and put that sheet on the…