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Marta Baker is a writer, designer, and an expert in window coverings,. Married to an artist, Marta learned to appreciate good design whether it was art, furniture, the written word or a beautifully appointed room. She studied journalism in college and has worked as a writer for nearly 20 years. Marta has been has been working at BlindSaver for over 5 years as a senior designer. Marta has been has been working at BlindSaver for over 5 years as a senior designer.

Your Blinds Should be a PerfectFit™

your blinds should fit perfect for you

Ordering products online can be risky. Sure you’re saving money, but you don’t get to physically see it and touch it so you don’t always know what you’re getting. Now you can take the  worry out of ordering custom blinds online with our PerfectFit™ For You replacement  guarantee. PerfectFit™ For You lets you exchange a blind that doesn’t work for you, whatever the reason. You can get the exact fit and style you want, without sacrificing the savings and convenience of online shopping. Other online window treatment companies don’t think the way we do and with big box stores, if your measurements are slightly off, you’re out of luck – and stuck with blinds that are too small or too big to fill your windows. Accidentally order an inside-mount blind when an outside mount would have worked better? You might be out of luck exchanging that blind. When the shades arrived, were they not quite the same color as you’d imagined? The other…

Celebrate 10 Years with BlindSaver!

celebrating 10 years of blinds and shades

We can’t believe it, but it’s been 10 years since we sold our very first custom window blind online. Time flies! Back in 2004, we were just getting started in the online home décor business. Since then, we have shipped more than 1 million products to customers all over the United States and Canada. Thanks to our fantastic customers, we’re happy to say more than 60% of our business comes from repeat buyers and referrals. That’s something we’re especially proud of. Since we started 10 years ago, one of our most important goals was to make sure getting the custom blinds you want is as easy and worry-free as possible. Our talented and knowledgeable customer service team is always there to help you with tough questions – even years after your purchase. Plus, we provide easy-to-use tools and tutorials on our site that can help you choose your new window treatments, from how-to-measure videos to free product samples. Customer service…

Blinds vs. Shades: Choosing the Right Window Treatment

blinds vs shades

When renovating a room, windows should be one of the preliminary things you decorate, after all, they draw a substantial amount of attention in a room. But as there are so many options within even the two most standard categories, window blinds and shades, choosing the perfect window treatment can seem overwhelming. To make it simple, first think about what you want to accomplish with your window treatments. Do you want to have control over privacy in the room? Do you want to let in a lot of sunlight without obstructing the view? Are you concerned about energy efficiency? There are many types of window blinds and shades that address each individual issue. Before deciding, understand the difference between blinds and shades, as well as their many subtypes, to find which one works best for your room. What Makes a Blind a Blind? Blinds have horizontal or vertical slats that louver to control the amount of sunlight and air allowed…

Strange Window Shapes and How to Cover Them

round windows

Windows are not always just rectangular boxes set in the wall. Using interesting window shapes is a great way to add interest to your home decor while taking advantage of natural light. If you’ve decided to install an unusually shaped window, or if you already have one, the challenge becomes how to cover it. Most shades and blinds are created in rectangular shapes, and it’s unlikely you will find one in a round, oval, or diamond shape. Here are some ideas to cover unusually shaped windows in stylish ways. Accent Windows The most unusual shapes are usually found in smaller windows. Round, oval, diamond, arch-topped, and other window shapes can add visual interest to both your indoor decor and to the exterior of your house. But if you need to control light levels or want to maintain privacy, these unusual shapes may still need to be covered. While non-rectangular blinds and shades are not standard, it is possible to have…

Don’t Let Window Glare Keep You From Seeing the Big Game

tv glare from window

The Super Bowl is coming up fast and many football fans are already planning parties for their friends and family to get together and watch the big game. Lots of people are proud of their big-screen TVs and high-quality sound systems to watch big televised events, but having poor viewing conditions in your room can spoil the experience, no matter how great the quality of your screen. Sun glare is a typical problem for TV watching. Bright sun at the wrong angle can completely obscure your view of a TV screen, and too much brightness in a room can simply make it uncomfortable to watch. Seating that is arranged facing bright windows can also cause discomfort when sunlight shines directly in the eyes. The simplest way to prevent these problems is to install the right window treatments. Blinds, shades, or curtains can keep out the sun when you want to watch the Super Bowl or any other big event, while letting…

Make Every Room Special for the Holidays

small tree on table

When I was growing up, decorating for the holidays meant hanging a few outdoor lights and trimming the Christmas tree. With my love of decorating, the holidays have turned into much more than trimming a tree. It all begins the day after Thanksgiving so there is plenty of time to get everything done; and this year I decided to scale back a little as we’ll have less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I made sure each room in the house had a holiday touch. The Great Room Our Christmas tree is prelit to save time and artificial to save our backs. I decorated the tree with just ornaments – received, collected and handmade over the years and each bringing its own special memory – so many that it took most of the day. The tree is the center of attention in our great room and the fireplace mantel became the perfect accessory. I decorated the mantel with thick faux…

“Live Lovely” with Kristan Cunningham’s Custom Window Shades and Blinds


Fans of HGTV’s Design on a Dime will remember former host Kristan Cunningham. She has come a long way over the years, evolving from giving others advice on how to make their homes beautiful to starting her own design company, Hammer and Spear, with her husband, Scott Jarrell. Her products range from furniture to decor, and she recently launched a line of window treatments through Kristan is passionate about windows because she feels that they are a perfect place to begin design efforts. She says, “The best place to start is with windows because it is the most visual thing in a space.” Her window treatments are all reasonably priced because she thinks “it shouldn’t be exclusive to those who are able to spend the most to be able to live a beautiful life; it is my mission is to show everyone how to live a beautiful life.” And Kristan wants you to “live a little bit more lovely by living…

(Window) Shades of Gray: How to Decorate with this Cool Hue

gray is the new black

You’ve seen it everywhere: The color gray is making its name in home design. Magazines are raving about it, stores are featuring it, and your friends’ houses are starting to showcase it. Gray is taking over the design scene, and you want in. The thought of going gray, however, might make you a little nervous. Don’t worry. Gray in design has none of the connotations that gray hair does. A gray accent in your home will rejuvenate your entire design scheme and create an atmosphere of youth, affluence, and refined taste. There Isn’t Just One Gray If you aren’t too familiar with the world of gray, then you might be astonished by how many variations there are for each shade. There are dark, light, warm, cool, metallic, matte, industrial, colonial, and many more shades of gray beyond that. Each shade and hue has specific colors that bring out its individual essence. Warm grays bring out the best of earthy tones,…