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About the Author: Eileen Smith

Eileen Smith is a Design Consultant and Customer Service Specialist with BlindSaver. She has a knack for knowing what the customer wants and matching them to the correct product, one they will be very happy with for many years! Eileen loves to educate consumers so they are empowered to make more educated decisions when choosing the right window coverings for their home and style.

Is Wallpaper Making a Comeback?

wallpaper's comeback

Interior design choices in recent years moved away from wallpaper as a popular decorative choice. The shift in contemporary style was so dramatic that wallpaper itself had been seen as a signal of dated home decor and a feature ripe for addressing first when redecorating. More recently, however, wallpaper has seen a resurgence in popularity. The once declining choice is available in a wide array of new colors, patterns, and textured options. Wallpaper was not always a product of mere design choice, but rather a means for covering walls that were less than stylish in their aesthetics. Rather than incur the sometimes expensive cost of resurfacing or painting interior walls, wallpaper was a viable and relatively inexpensive way to add interest and style to a home’s interior design. Early iterations of wallpaper use meant having to deal with cumbersome installation and an even more time-consuming and often frustrating procedure for removal. Current types of wallpaper not only offer a wider…

Durable Blinds for Heavy Wear and Tear Areas

blinds for high traffic areas

If you have kids, a few precocious canines or felines that act as your kids, you are probably all too familiar with the phrase, “this is why we can’t have nice things.”  Of course, having a house full of white fabrics and antiques is not an ideal situation when you have your kids in the house. Just because you can’t have priceless artifacts, doesn’t mean you can’t dress your home with style and safety for the little ones. Today, we are going to shed some light on durable and safe blinds that will defend against your kids, canines and felines. Faux Wood Blinds Are you the type of person who really enjoys a rustic look to your house, but wouldn’t dream of installing wood blinds because they might warp? Then you are the type of person type who could use faux wood blinds to achieve a rustic look to your house. Wood blinds will provide your home with the look…

Great Blinds to Fit Every Budget

great blinds on a budget

Ambitious house makeovers don’t always come with unlimited budgets. Most of us need to keep a close eye on the numbers. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make great changes or establish a brand new décor to refresh your home. New window shades or blinds are one of the biggest and most influential investments you can make in changing the look of your home. Windows take up huge wall space in many rooms, larger than any other single piece of art or anything else that hangs on the walls. This means a dated window treatment can drag down an entire room’s decor, simply because there’s so much of it. Windows also draw attention with sunlight and outdoor views, so window treatments are always going to be first in the line of sight. A great window treatment can become the focal point of your décor, with a beautiful color, fabric, texture, or pattern to serve as a starting point for…

Picture of the Week


What we love about Comfortex Ballet Performance Drapery Sheers: versatility and classic style. Available with or without vanes (which can be ordered as light filtering or room darkening) and with a traditional headrail or fascias, these are definitely the most versatile vertical window treatment. These sheers offer all the elegance and style of draperies with the privacy, easy operation and light control of vertical blinds. Bellisima!

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Bali Euro Vue Shutter

Want a window treatment that adds style AND value to your property? We recommend the Bali Eurovue Shutter. It’s smooth, clean lines and award-winning design combine to complement any décor style, and shutters are the only window treatments that add to the value of your home. This New Year’s, toast to boosting your property value with style!

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Bali Solar Shades

Solar screens are a wonderful option in rooms like this with big windows and minimal privacy needs. Solar screens let you enjoy the view and allow lots of light into a room without allowing the heat and glare to come in with it. Available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and weaves, these window treatments are a stylish solution to the classic conundrum of view vs. function.

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Arabesque Window Shadings from M&B are perfect for the window coverings connoisseur. The 2-1/2” vanes look great in nearly every window size. The sheer panels transform harsh outside light into a soft, pleasant sheen. Vanes can also be closed for privacy or room darkening purposes. With M&B’s Arabesque collection, you can transform the light to match your mood.

Black Friday Isn’t Just For Toys!

In the market for new window coverings but think you can’t afford the cost at the height of the Christmas shopping season? At BlindSaver.com we beg to differ. Bali is up to 40% off this season, and we have other special offers for our BlindSaver and Comfortex brands. The real kicker? We are offering 30% off plus a “Buy 3 get 1 Free” Levolor promotion!* With so many beautiful options at unbeatable prices, you may find yourself gifting your friends with new shades. *On select products, see site on Black Friday for details.