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About the Author: Alicia Graham

Alicia Graham is the Product Manager for She is also an experienced set designer and interior painter, with a broad knowledge of painting techniques that ranges from faux painting to alternate tools that save time and headaches. She is dedicated to making the imagination work in step with the budget and turning hobbyists into artists. Alicia Graham believes that anyone can be an artist in their home with a little help and information.

Picture of the Week: Beat the Heat


Summer is here, with its long, glorious days. Now is the perfect time to address those beautiful wide windows. You’ve left them bare to keep the panoramic views and flood of light intact, but you pay for that decision in air conditioning bills and faded decor. Try instead using Panel Track Blinds with a solar screen fabric. You’ll keep your view while the specialized fabric blocks UV rays. This summer, you can turn down the AC and hang your favorite paintings with confidence.

3 Steps to Being Your Own Designer

Sometimes, the world of window coverings can seem intimidating- especially when you are ordering online. The prospects seem beautiful, but you are afraid of ordering a blind, hanging it in your window, and discovering it doesn’t suit you at all.  Take a breath- we are here to help you recover your Zen with these three easy steps to window coverings harmony. 1. Find Your Style. Take a look around your home, making note of what you love and what you don’t.  Are you redecorating? What do you want your home to look like? This is the easiest time of year to do this, as you clear out the clutter from winter and open your windows for some fresh air at long last. Now choose the group of words below that best describes you and your ideal home. Clean, Cool, Simple   Timeless, Soft, Warm   Textured, Bold, Energetic   We won’t dig into all the myriad of different “style” labels…

Picture of the Week: Protecting Your Privacy


You made a great choice when you picked out those beautiful woven wood samples. Their rich texture stands out in your room, and does it without making a big fussy scene.  But before you click “Continue With Checkout”, take a moment to add a liner to any shade that’s destined for a bedroom or bathroom. The unique weaves of a Natural Shade are beautiful, but they are also semi-sheer. Add a natural liner to hold on to both your sense of style and your privacy.

Picture of the Week: Bali Diffusion


Welcome to natural light and a bright, open feel with privacy intact. Welcome to a sleek, modern appeal. Welcome to Bali Diffusion. Bali Diffusion is an innovative product offered exclusively by Bali. The privacy is created by the textured side of the blind, which scatters light while allowing it to fill your room, creating complete privacy in your home. From as little as 6 inches away from your blind, your privacy is complete- and so is your enjoyment of the beauty of natural light.

Spring Cleaning for Your Blinds

The gloom of winter is finally lifting away for the brightness of summer. Now is the perfect time to open up windows for fresh air and clear away the last stronghold of winter dreariness: dingy window coverings.  Your shades have been down all winter, keeping the cold out of your home, and they too may need a little TLC. Here’s a breakdown of the “how-tos” for the most common dirty-blind culprits. Vinyl Vertical Blinds and Faux Woods: Because these are usually made of PVC or a PVC-Wood Composite, the size of faux wood and vinyl vertical blinds needn’t stop you from cleaning them up. A rag and some warm water will easily clean up lingering dust. If you’re wiping them down and notice a thick layer of grunge that resists your efforts and just sticks to the blind, constantly being pushed forward by your rag, don’t despair! This is usually the result of oils from fingers, hair, and airborne skin…

Picture of the Week: Reverse Vane View

All S-Curve vanes require you select a “Vane View”. Vane view is the direction the pattern faces- right or left- in relation to the stack of the blind. In Standard Vane View, the colored side of the vane faces away from the stack. For example, if the stack on the blind is on the left, the color faces right. Sometimes, the layout of your room will make Standard Vane View undesirable, because the area of the room you sit in the most will make it so that you are always looking at the back of the vane. In the room above, this would have been the case. The stack of the vanes needs to be on the right, so the door could still be opened. If Standard Vane View had been selected, the color would be facing to the left, and whoever was sitting drinking their coffee would have been looking at the back of the vanes- not very visually…

Come See Our New Look!

A new web design by will enhance your shopping experience. We’ve added larger images, updated products, and made it easier than ever to find the perfect window coverings for your home. Need ideas on how to cover a special window like a French door or a skylight? Check out our “Shop by Window Type” Section. If you have your heart set on Eco Friendly products, look at our “Shop by Feature” section. We can help you narrow down your search to only products that are sustainable, energy efficient, or that ensure indoor air quality, depending on your needs. Did you already receive your blind, but didn’t get instructions? We’ve loaded the installation instructions for our most popular blinds onto each product- just go to the product you bought, then click on the “Measure & Install” tab, and voila! Each blind features a complete list of instructions, and we add new measuring guides every day! The best part of our fresh…

Picture of the Week: Envision a Clean Look

With select Comfortex Envision Roman Shade fabrics, the clutter of cords visible to your neighbors is a thing of the past. The pleated liner is seperate from the back of the shade, and the cords rest between the liner and the roman shade fabric. This means the clean, tailored look of your shades isn’t dampened by knowing how they look outside your home. This option is available on both Flat Panel and Hobbled romans, so no matter what your style is, we have you and your strings covered. With Envision, your shades are beautiful from front to back.