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About Our Blog

Do-it-yourself home improvement- whether you’re repainting the bathroom, putting up new blinds, or redoing your landscaping- can be very frustrating.  Finding the time and energy for these projects can be challenging, but the hurtle that blocks most would-be do-it-yourselfers is the less tangible, and therefore more difficult question of inspiration. You want your house to look as if you hired an interior designer without having to pay an interior designer.  You want your artistic sensibilities to be pleased but don’t trust them. Many people melt away after a few moments facing this dilemma and opt for caution: the flat one color wall, the traditional landscaping, the white vinyl mini-blinds.

Our Window Coverings blog was created to battle that caution. We work to provide you with ideas and insights on the latest interior trends, as well as some solid techniques and tips that will get you through your project with your sanity intact and your budget at ease. Home improvement projects can be intensely rewarding and fun if you have the right tools and information at hand, and we are here to provide you with those. We will cover everything from the perfect blinds to accent the focal point of any room (aka the window) to redecorating your dining room to green options for your projects.