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Round, Elliptical or Trapezoidal Oh My What a Decorating Dilemma Have I?

Triangular Windows

Tips for Treating Challenging Window Shapes Your new home has lots of bare windows just begging to be covered but the challenge is some of them may not have ninety degree angles.  They may be round, oval, elliptical, trapezoidal or arched.  This type of window is usually an important architectural feature of a room and is often best left alone.  Do some careful planning in your choice of window treatment if there is a good reason for one.  Custom blinds, shutters, shades and curtains can be made to fit any shape window. First things first, take a quick inventory and decide why you want to cover this window.  Are there issues with too much light, privacy or an unpleasant view?  Perhaps the window itself is not that attractive because of its shape and size.  Do you want some type of covering to enhance a window or add to the decorative elements of a room?   Would you prefer the window completely…