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The Versatile Beauty of Roman Shades

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Are you facing a decorating dilemma because of windows that are a challenge to cover and you haven’t a clue to how to get started? Don’t worry, don’t stress… comes the Roman shade to the rescue!

The reason you should consider Roman shades for your windows is that the simplicity of style works with any décor from modern to traditional and anything in between. You can choose from fabrics, woven woods, and bamboo materials. Personalize solid color shades with a border or go with a vibrant print. Layer with drapes or jabots, perhaps add a valance. The material choices and shade styles are many. Roman shades use less fabric making them more economical than curtains and they are so much more than just a functional window covering. You just have to figure out whether you prefer the clean lines of a contemporary design or an elegant classic look.

To get your project started, some decisions need to be made. Is your window something that needs covering to augment the interior décor or is it a beautiful architectural feature you want to enjoy but occasionally need to use a shade? Do you have an issue with too much or too little light? Are there large, multiple windows, oversized windows, or even small windows in the same room and you don’t know where to begin? Here are a few tips to get started.

The Room with a View
An amazing view is something you don’t want to hide but there may be times when you have privacy or sunlight issues and the window or window grouping is also an important design feature of a room and you don’t want to detract from it. Draperies, even when pulled open may hide some of the architectural elements you don’t want covered. Definitely the case for less is more. One solution is a light filtering woven wood Roman shade matching your window trim. Hardly noticeable when pulled up, it will add warmth and texture as well as natural light when lowered. Because of the variety of materials available to construct Roman shades, they can complement the shape of the window in a way that other blinds cannot.

The Room with Different Size Windows
How in the world do you pull a look together when confronted with a room with different types of windows? Consider the problem of decorating a room with large tall windows or a bay window and small standalone windows. There aren’t a lot of options for a small window so start with what works there. Roman shades are the perfect solution. Now turn your attention to the larger windows. Adding the same Roman shades will solve the problem and you can layer them with drapes, and/or a valance in a coordinating fabric. The key to pulling the look together is to use one of the fabrics on the large window for the shade of the smaller window.

Décor Decisions
Like a blank canvas, your decorating project awaits you. Your fabrics are part of the palette and it’s time to create something. Think of a style that appeals to you whether modern, traditional or perhaps something a bit eclectic with a lot of personality. To gather ideas, look at decorating websites or magazines. Whatever style you decide on, Roman shades for your windows can be a good starting point. They are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms that are impractical for long curtains. The clean tailored lines work beautifully with a contemporary décor. Layered with drapes and topped with a cornice board, you can build a sophisticated, tasteful traditional window treatment. Roman shades can make the window the focal point of a room or quietly blend in with your architecture.

Types of Roman Shades
You’ve fallen in love with a print and you want to display it. A flat Roman shade is the perfect solution. Your taste is modern and simplistic. A crisp pleated Roman shade can add to the design elements of a space instead of diminishing them. Do you prefer soft and romantic? Consider a relaxed style shade. Are there small children at home? Go cordless. Is there too much sunlight coming into a room? Roman shades can be lined to completely block it out or filter it. Too little light, then go with a material that is sheer enough to allow light in but provide privacy at night.
Decorating a window doesn’t have to be such a daunting process once you decide on the function and esthetics of the design. Keep in mind the right window covering can make your home a showcase adding value for resale. Considering the Roman shade’s variety of fabrics, materials and styles, it may be the answer to your interior design challenge.

Happy decorating and have fun with it!

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