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Decorating for Resale

Just a thought before you pick out your favorite shade of bright purple for an accent wall in your new home! Is there the possibility you may be selling in a few years. Most new homeowners will sell for one reason or another on average in five to seven years. If that possibility is in your future think about decorating for resale.

The first thing a real estate agent will tell you when considering to list your property will be cover up that purple wall with a neutral color. If you’ve made the mistake of coordinating that wall with a vibrant print wall to wall carpet it will make it more difficult to sell your home and affect the selling price. So will that trendy wallpaper already outdated by the time you put your house on the market. Keep in mind, few potential buyers will appreciate your good taste or the amount of work involved in changing it to something they can live with.

To maximize a potential resale think in terms of neutral colors for your painted surfaces and permanent window treatments. Creamy white or warm taupe will work with most palettes. If your baseboard and crown molding is painted, go a shade lighter or darker than your walls. Custom blinds should match your wall or woodwork color. If you are installing wall to wall carpet, find a color that compliments your walls and woodwork. If you choose a carpet that’s too dark or too light, be prepared to be constantly vacuuming. The same goes for wood flooring or tile. Floors that don’t show every speck of lint will make your home easier to sell.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use your favorite shade of purple. Save it for area rugs, accent pillows, printed upholstery and drapery that will travel with you to your next home. Happy decorating!!!

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