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Window Covering Safety Options

Window Covering Safety Options

As October begins, we notice the leaves starting to fall and the temperature beginning to drop. We enjoy sitting inside and watching nature change its colors right outside our windows. While you’re enjoying the view, please take time to check the window blind safety of your home.

Window blind safety is a lesser-known, but equally fatal danger as other household threats. It is an emotional, uncomfortable topic, but the lack of discussion or consideration can have irreparable consequences on a family.

It is important for everyone to know how window blinds can be a danger to young children, especially those under the age of 8. When the cords from window blinds become wrapped around a child’s neck, he or she can lose consciousness in just 15 seconds. In 1-2 minutes, brain damage or death can occur. If this makes you sick to your stomach, use that feeling to take action.

According to the Parents for Window Blind Safety, a window covering is considered safe when all of its cords are inaccessible. Many popular brands offer these kinds of blinds, generally referred to as cordless blinds. Going completely cordless is important because other safety measures and even window coverings that meet industry safety standards have still reportedly caused strangulation injuries and deaths.

To help give families access to safe blinds, carries a variety of cordless blinds. For example, the BlindSaver Classic Creations Single Cell Blackout Shades provide a safer window treatment option for children, while also blocking out light to create a better sleep environment in nurseries and bedrooms.

Roman shades are another style of shade that can often be made cordless. You can find a large selection of Bali brand Roman shades that can be upgraded to cordless as part of this month’s focus on window blind safety. Faux wood and wood shades have cordless options as well if you prefer that aesthetic but still want to emphasize safety.

Industry experts and safety groups all agree and maintain that cordless window treatments are the safest option for people with young children living at or visiting their homes. However, if you don’t have cordless blinds, you can at least improve the safety of your existing blinds. Get rid of any low-hanging cords or cords that can be accessed if a child were to stand on a piece of furniture like a couch or chair. Window cords need to be properly put up and secured every time you adjust the shades if you elect this safety measure.

Many window blind safety websites have detailed guidelines on how to retrofit existing window treatments to get rid of looped pull cords and install cord stops—two important measures if your blinds do have cords and you cannot replace them right now.

When thinking about your child’s sleep, take every safety precaution by placing his or her crib or bed away from a window. By doing so, you limit their ability to access the window during unsupervised times when they may become entangled or try to play with window locks. Remember that kids also enjoy jumping on beds, so keeping the bed far away from windows prevents them from reaching tied up blind cords while jumping.

Since children are often left unsupervised in bedrooms and play rooms (even for just a few minutes) these rooms are the most important to address first. If you cannot replace all the blinds in your home, still consider going cordless in your child’s bedroom and play area where they are more likely to climb and access window covering cords.

Keeping children safe is of utmost importance and should be everyone’s priority. When choosing window treatments for your home, keep these safety precautions in mind and take the steps necessary to provide the safest environment possible.

BlindSaver is proud to support Window Blind Safety this month and to help spread this incredibly important message year-round. Through October 15th, we will be offering free cordless upgrades on most products and donating 1% of proceeds to PFWBS to help spread awareness of the necessity for window covering safety.

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