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Affordable Cordless Blind Options

Affordable Cordless Blind Options

Cordless window blinds may seem like an unnecessary upgrade to many people, but for any home with children or pets, they’re an essential safety feature.

“Window cords can be lethal to kids in less than one minute – they’re a hazard in plain sight,” said Linda Kaiser, Founder of Parents for Window Blind Safety (PFWBS).

October is Window Blind Safety Month. It is a month dedicated to raising awareness of a danger that has taken the lives of nearly 300 children between 1996 and 2012. While many retrofit safety options and breakaway cord blinds are available on the market, Parents for Window Blind Safety only recommends window treatments that are truly cordless. They’re the most effective way to keep children away from dangerous window blind cords at all times—no worrying about tying cords back up, children climbing, safety mechanisms failing or tassel cords tangling and creating a loop.

Features of Cordless Blinds

Not all blinds need cords or pulls to work. There are several mechanisms that make for beautiful, much safer window shades and blinds. When looking for cordless blinds, look for a shade that uses one of these functions.

Cordless Lift

The cordless lift option is available on most blinds and shades, including cellular and pleated shades, wood and faux wood blinds, mini blinds and Roman and woven shades. To operate them, you simply grab a tab or rail at the bottom of the shade and push up or pull down.

Cordless Top-Down and Bottom-Up

Very similar to the cordless lift method, this style of shade gives you the option of also lowering the top of the blind in the same accordion fashion. It’s a great way to allow light into a room while retaining full privacy. This option is available on cellular and pleated shades as well as Roman and woven shades.

Wand Control

Wands are an option available on most vertical blinds which are typically used to cover sliding glass doors or floor to ceiling windows. The slender wand lets you rotate the blind’s vanes to let in filtered light or traverse the vanes to open and close.

Roller Shades

The standard lift system for roller and solar shades is a continuous cord loop; however, many roller shades now offer a cordless option with either a  spring mechanism to activate the rolling action or a cordless system that guides smoothly.

Motorized Shades

Automated, motorized shades are becoming an increasingly popular option. Some options are operated via a touch wand or a wireless remote

Cordless Blind Styles

There are cordless blind styles to match just about every need and aesthetic. Before making a purchase, it’s important to carefully evaluate the product, as some styles, such as some Roman Shades, include cords on the backside of the shade that may pose a risk to children or pets.

Cellular & Cell Shades

A popular choice for bedrooms and nurseries, cellular shades come in light filtering and blackout options. The range of colors available makes them the perfect choice for a child’s bedroom.

The cordless lift is easy to operate—even with a sleeping child in your arms.

The BlindSaver Basics brand of cellular shades are standard with cordless and many sizes are less than $100, making safety more affordable. BlindSaver also carries a variety of brand-name cordless cellular blinds, including Good Housekeeping Custom Blinds & Shades and Graber.

Mini Blinds

One of the better known window covering styles, mini blinds are typically made of aluminum and come in a large variety of colors – light neutrals to dark shades from burgundy to dark green to black.

BlindSaver offers a Basics 1″ Cordless Mini Blind. The one-touch feature allows you to raise, lower and tilt the blind all without cords or tilt wands. Simply push and pull the bottom rail up or down with easy to use cordless lifting.

Faux Wood Blinds

An upscale look doesn’t mean you can’t have modern safety. Cordless is now available on faux wood blinds. Due to the weight of faux wood blinds, the cordless option was not available until recently. There are many faux wood blind producers who offer cordless lift upgrade options, including blinds from BlindSaver and the highly popular blind company Bali.

Wood Blinds

For those of you who prefer the real thing, cordless is also available on real wood blinds. Good Housekeeping, Bali and Levolor all offer cordless on their wood blinds, available through BlindSaver.

Roman Shades

To add pattern, texture and color to a room, choose Roman shades. From single fabrics to lined fabrics and flat panel to looped styles, the cordless option is available.

Please note that most Roman shade products include strings on the back of the shade which old the fabric and seams in place.

Commitment to Safety is committed to promoting the safety of window blinds all year long by offering a range of cordless blind options to fit any need. We can all take meaningful actions to keep our children safe, so please share this message with others and evaluate the window coverings in your home today.


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