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Blinds vs. Shades: Choosing the Right Window Treatment

blinds vs shades

When renovating a room, windows should be one of the preliminary things you decorate, after all, they draw a substantial amount of attention in a room. But as there are so many options within even the two most standard categories, window blinds and shades, choosing the perfect window treatment can seem overwhelming. To make it simple, first think about what you want to accomplish with your window treatments. Do you want to have control over privacy in the room? Do you want to let in a lot of sunlight without obstructing the view? Are you concerned about energy efficiency? There are many types of window blinds and shades that address each individual issue. Before deciding, understand the difference between blinds and shades, as well as their many subtypes, to find which one works best for your room. What Makes a Blind a Blind? Blinds have horizontal or vertical slats that louver to control the amount of sunlight and air allowed…