Strange Window Shapes and How to Cover Them

Strange Window Shapes and How to Cover Them

round windows

Windows are not always just rectangular boxes set in the wall. Using interesting window shapes is a great way to add interest to your home decor while taking advantage of natural light. If you’ve decided to install an unusually shaped window, or if you already have one, the challenge becomes how to cover it. Most shades and blinds are created in rectangular shapes, and it’s unlikely you will find one in a round, oval, or diamond shape. Here are some ideas to cover unusually shaped windows in stylish ways.

Accent Windows

The most unusual shapes are usually found in smaller windows. Round, oval, diamond, arch-topped, and other window shapes can add visual interest to both your indoor decor and to the exterior of your house. But if you need to control light levels or want to maintain privacy, these unusual shapes may still need to be covered.

While non-rectangular blinds and shades are not standard, it is possible to have a custom window treatment created to fit nearly any window size or shape. This approach may require professional help in order to correctly measure a window and install the window treatment, especially for a curved window. Blinds and shades in custom shapes will also be more expensive than those in standard rectangular sizes.

While custom shapes can be difficult and expensive, standard rectangular shades cut to custom sizes are much more cost-effective. If you are willing to hang a blind or shade so that it covers some of the surrounding wall, you can much more easily find a treatment for the window. While this does cover up the unique shape of the window while the shades are closed, it gives you two different looks for the room. Closed shades or blinds provide a more traditional look, while opening the blinds or shades reveals the lovely surprise of a unique window shape. This works even better if the window treatment is chosen as one of the mainstays of the room design, so that no matter if the window shades are open or closed, the wall provides visual interest. Rectangular blinds cut to custom sizes are also the best way to cover tall, thin windows or other rectangular windows in non-standard sizes or shapes.
kitchen w/ skylight


Skylights can take any shape, but even traditional rectangular shapes are harder to cover because of the window location. Because of their height and viewing angle, privacy is much less of a concern with most skylights, but home owners may still want to control the level of light from a skylight, especially if they are located on the south or east side of a house and receive the strongest sunlight. Insulated shades may also be desirable for energy efficiency.

Special skylight shades or skylights blinds are the best way to cover a skylight practically and visually. Such shades and blinds are created with side tracks for the window treatment to raise and lower in, guiding the shade or blind and keeping it from sagging in the middle. They can be made in either light-filtering or blackout material to control the amount of light that gets in. A cellular skylight shade will insulate the skylight and keep heat from escaping.

French Doors and Sliding Glass Doors

When a door also functions as a window, the needs of both must be considered when choosing a covering. The window needs adequate coverage, but the door needs clearance to open. There are a few ways to cover French doors and patio doors effectively. Vertical blinds or vertical shades are natural choices for these doors because they open horizontally, offering easy clearance for the door when fully opened. Available in a wide range of colors and fabric styles, vertical shades can cover a French door or other patio door stylishly and functionally. Alternatively, for French doors with a heavier frame and smaller inset windows, blinds or shades can be mounted directly on the door and sized to only cover the window. This opens up the range of practical shades such as Roman shades and all standard types of blinds, as long as they are sized to fit a tall, thin window.
large bedroom windows

Large Rectangular Windows

Finally, a window doesn’t need to have a unique shape or position in order to present a challenge. Large windows are wonderful for letting in natural light and providing gorgeous outdoor views, but covering them with blinds or shades can be difficult. Again, custom-sized shades are the best option, especially vertical blinds or shades for ease of opening and closing. Alternatively, a sequence of windows set close together to form a “window wall” can be covered by a series of Roman shades or panel-track shades for stylish and interesting window treatments, or by a series of more traditional blinds or shades.

Unique window shapes and sizes can provide visual interest to the exterior of your house, and let in more light and air indoors. Don’t let the challenge of choosing a window treatment keep you from installing such a window. With some creativity, and the right window treatment products, covering a strange window shape can be a breeze.

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