"Live Lovely" with Kristan Cunningham's Custom Window Shades and Blinds

“Live Lovely” with Kristan Cunningham’s Custom Window Shades and Blinds


Fans of HGTV’s Design on a Dime will remember former host Kristan Cunningham. She has come a long way over the years, evolving from giving others advice on how to make their homes beautiful to starting her own design company, Hammer and Spear, with her husband, Scott Jarrell. Her products range from furniture to decor, and she recently launched a line of window treatments through Blindsaver.com.

Kristan is passionate about windows because she feels that they are a perfect place to begin design efforts. She says, “The best place to start is with windows because it is the most visual thing in a space.” Her window treatments are all reasonably priced because she thinks “it shouldn’t be exclusive to those who are able to spend the most to be able to live a beautiful life; it is my mission is to show everyone how to live a beautiful life.” And Kristan wants you to “live a little bit more lovely by living on a budget.”

Cordless Shades

Everyone knows the hassle of trying to raise or lower the blinds to a desired level only to be thwarted by stubborn cords. One end goes up, the other stays down, or — even worse — the entire fixture gets stuck at the top position. Cords are also dangerous for children and house pets because they are easy to get caught in and tangled up in if one is not paying attention. Kristan has a line of beautiful cordless shades that allow you to walk up and simply pull the shade down to your desired length. Even better is that this design is available in cellular shades, which perfectly filter light for comfort and functionality. Gone are the days of struggling with annoying cords or worrying about your kids and pets messing with those potentially dangerous cords. Your window treatments should be beautiful and relaxing, not worrisome or maddening.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are the ultimate in efficient light filtering. Kristan’s double cellular shades offer an added feature in their honeycomb construction because they help insulate the windows. This means more temperature control in your room simply by having a certain kind of window treatment. The double cellular blinds are available in countless different colors and textures, so you can create any kind of atmosphere you want in your room. Kristan recommends that you “lean on texture” when creating your space because it adds such sophisticated dimension to your design.

Wood Blinds

Kristan’s wood blinds are high quality and warp-resistant. They are available in several paint finishes, stains, and wood types, so you can incorporate whatever kind of wood you wish in your space. Wood blinds offer a simple, earthy feel to a room and go perfectly with neutral, natural, or Asian-inspired designs. As a safety feature, the wood blinds come with a safety stop tassel, enabling the structure to break open if a child accidentally gets caught in the cord. These are truly hassle-free curtains; just dust occasionally and enjoy.

Roman Shades

Kristan hand-selected her designs and patterns for her Roman shades because she believes that good design requires comfortable elements. She incorporates “autobahn, Moroccan screens, and even solids from soft pastels to rich jewel tones to give off a comforting feel in your home.” To give your house a homey feel, she invites you to explore “things you have grown up with” because they “have a sense of comfort, whether it is beautiful butterflies or old books in your grandmother’s library.” The simple but beautiful patterns she provides on her Roman shades can even function as the artistic centerpiece of the room. She kept the Roman blinds organic enough that they can blend with a variety of designs and textures, but these shades are far from boring.

Picking the perfect window treatments for your home takes some effort, but carefully chosen treatments tie your entire design together. Kristan thinks, “The time, effort, and love spent creating your home portrays how lovely the home really is.” You want to make choices that reflect your own personal preferences and feelings. According to Kristan, “A window that is well-designed can be either a jumping-off point or this finishing touch to your dream space,” so don’t waste your time ignoring important design elements and living in an uncomfortable room. Get started today to create your dream space.

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Marta Baker is a writer, designer, and an expert in window coverings,. Married to an artist, Marta learned to appreciate good design whether it was art, furniture, the written word or a beautifully appointed room. She studied journalism in college and has worked as a writer for nearly 20 years. Marta has been has been working at BlindSaver for over 5 years as a senior designer. Marta has been has been working at BlindSaver for over 5 years as a senior designer.