How to Choose the Right Shades for Your Bathroom Windows

How to Choose the Right Shades for Your Bathroom Windows

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The bathroom is often overlooked and neglected when it comes to design. A room so dedicated to function can be easy to forget in terms of creating a beautiful home. However, there is a lot more to a nice bathroom than towel racks and a pretty soap dispenser. One of the most important areas in the bathroom is the window — if there it one — because it controls how much light enters the room, how warm the room feels, and how private the space is. There are a few things to consider when picking out appropriate window treatments for your home’s bathroom.


The first design concern in any bathroom should be privacy. A bathroom is a personal respite away from the world, and no one will be able to get comfortable if the room feels too exposed. In order to pick out appropriate window treatments for your bathroom, consider a few things:

  • What floor is the bathroom on?
  • Which direction do the windows face?
  • What part of the wall is the window on?

Upper floors tend to be more secluded, so you could pick a lighter shade, such as cellular shades. Lower-floor bathrooms require blinds, curtains, or wooden shades, so you can securely block out the outside world. Everything also depends on where the window faces. If you can look out the window and see nothing but mountains, you can choose the most minimal treatments possible. If, on the other hand, you look out and see your neighbors’ living room, you will want some more privacy. Also pay attention to where the window sits on the wall. If it is high up on the wall, the person inside will be harder to see from outside. But low or large windows might expose too much of the user inside to the outside world, so you will need to be sure your window covering blocks things out.

Moisture and Humidity

Whether or not you live in a humid environment, your bathroom will be the most-humid room in your house. This is why you need glossy paint on the walls, and why carpeting the bathroom is a bad idea. (Hello, mold and mildew.) In other words, this room might not be the place for satin or velvet curtains. You need to choose something both stylish and durable, so decorative blinds or  warp-resistant wooden blinds are a perfect route to take in the bathroom. Also avoid motorized blinds or shades because the mechanisms could get wet, rust and break.


Everyone knows the feeling of waking up on a cold winter’s night needing to use the bathroom. The experience can be almost dreadful if everything in the room is ice cold. Bathrooms tend to not have much insulation because of all the humidity, so a great option for this room is insulating shades, such as cellular shades. They are lightweight, let plenty of light through, provide privacy, and help keep you from freezing to death when you have to use the bathroom on a cold day. They also don’t trap excessive heat in the summer, which is a huge plus.

Light Control

A bathroom needs to have a specific kind of lighting. No one wants to be blinded by light first thing in the morning, but you also need to be able to easily see and find everything. In a room designed for comfort and function, you need light that accentuates those elements. A great solution for the often-small windows in bathrooms is top-down shades. They allow you to lower the top part of the shade to let plenty of light in without exposing the entire room to outside elements. This both protects privacy and controls light. You don’t want to completely block off your bathroom windows, because they are an important source of natural light for this essential room.

When you only have one window to work with in a bathroom, making a decision about how to treat it can be tough. However, bathrooms are also some of the most high-traffic rooms in a home, so you shouldn’t skip or skimp on design in this necessary area. If you take into account all the features of your bathroom windows — as well as you and your family’s needs — you will be able to pick window coverings that work best in your bathroom.

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