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(Window) Shades of Gray: How to Decorate with this Cool Hue

gray is the new black

You’ve seen it everywhere: The color gray is making its name in home design. Magazines are raving about it, stores are featuring it, and your friends’ houses are starting to showcase it. Gray is taking over the design scene, and you want in. The thought of going gray, however, might make you a little nervous. Don’t worry. Gray in design has none of the connotations that gray hair does. A gray accent in your home will rejuvenate your entire design scheme and create an atmosphere of youth, affluence, and refined taste. There Isn’t Just One Gray If you aren’t too familiar with the world of gray, then you might be astonished by how many variations there are for each shade. There are dark, light, warm, cool, metallic, matte, industrial, colonial, and many more shades of gray beyond that. Each shade and hue has specific colors that bring out its individual essence. Warm grays bring out the best of earthy tones,…