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Tips to Add and Coordinate Texture in Any Room

add texture to room

You probably feel like you already have more than enough to deal with when decorating your home. There’s lighting, furniture, accessories, flooring, window treatments, color coordination — the list seems endless. But texture coordination is worth the effort because it adds a completely new dimension to your design scheme. Using a variety of textures makes the room interesting to look at and comfortable to be in. There are many ways to add texture to a room, and following these tips can set you on the right track in creating your design. Approaching Texture If this is your first time considering texture, you may not know how much texture is too much to incorporate into a room. Do you remember your grandmother’s shag-carpeted, clutter-filled den? That’s too much texture. The key, just like with color, is to create textural focal points. You can still go with shag if that’s your thing but try to confine it to an area rug in…