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Color-Coordinate Your Room — Without Going Crazy

color coordinate no crazy

Color coordinating a room can be a very intimidating process. The color scheme you choose for your room dictates the mood, atmosphere, and the personal statement you create in your design. With that in mind, choosing palette may seem to be a huge task. By keeping a few tips in mind, you will see that putting together a color-coordinated room is not so difficult after all, and you will love seeing your favorite shades come together in a perfectly designed room. Choose a Base The best place to start is with your base color. The easiest way to pick the color around which you will design the rest of your room is to choose the objects that will stand out most in the room. Perhaps a painting on the wall, an expensive rug, or a bold vase will be the focus of the space. Once you choose your base color, remember that you don’t need to make everything match that…