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Kristan Cunningham Presents: KC Studios with BlindSaver [Video]

stacked stones

Transcript Hi there, I’m Kristan Cunningham, and I’m an interior designer, television host, and now a shop owner. So, I wear many hats — but underneath all of them, my mission is always the same: To show my audience, and my clients, and my customers how to live a beautiful life. Because it shouldn’t be exclusive to those who can spend the most. The most lovely homes are the ones that are a good reflection of the people who live in them, and the time, effort, and love spent creating them. This is why I’m so proud to have partnered with to create this exclusive line just for you. For over 25 years, Blind Saver has been offering beautiful, affordable, customizable product, and now I get to be a part of that. For a designer, nothing is more exciting than being handed the opportunity to create something fresh and exciting and new out of something that is valuable and…