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Ideas for Accessible and Affordable Window Coverings [Video]


Transcript Hi there, I’m Kristan Cunningham and you are joining me at my new shop, “Hammer and Spear”. I’ve spent the last decade as a television host teaching people how to live beautifully on a budget. And I like to call it “The live a little bit lovelier approach.” And you have choices you can make every single day to elevate your lifestyle to make the really small things in life add up to something that feels really, really beautiful. But what I find after all of these years of dealing with clients and even viewers is the one question still remains, “Where do I start?” Your windows take up more visual real estate in your space than basically anything else, maybe the flooring. So, there’s an opportunity to make an amazing statement, and you have a choice. The absolute best compliment that someone can pay me is to walk into my home and say “It feels so comfortable, I…