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Picking the Perfect Cellular Shade

With so many fabrics, colors, and light control choices, cellular shades are perfect for any home, budget, and style. But all those choices can feel a little overwhelming. Consider the following to help you make your choice with confidence.

1. Light filtering or blackout?

Most people prefer to sleep in complete darkness, and blackout fabrics fit the bill for a deep sleep. Not only do blackout fabrics block light, they also muffle outside noise and provide complete privacy. For complete light control, you can overlap your windows with your shades by a adding a couple of inches on each side.

If you don’t want to live in the dark, double cell light filtering shades offer light in your room with minimal silhouetting- the effect of your shadow being visible on your shade from outside your room at night (think shadow puppets here). If you’re not too concerned about privacy, feel free to get a single cell shade- you can choose large bold cells and enjoy lots of light while still keeping the insulation of a cellular shade.

2. Match the walls or go bold?

There are pros and cons to both ideas. Matching your wall paint color (and it has to be a very close match) will make your room appear much larger. However, you will need to replace your shades whenever you change your wall color to keep this up. So this tactic is really perfect for those who don’t like painting- after all, it’s much easier to switch up the feel of a room through accessories than it is to repaint. If you love repainting (and there are plenty who do!), choose a color for your new shade that either makes a statement or that is likely to coordinate well with future changes- think neutral here. For example, if you know you love the cool breezy look of the eastern seaboard and plan to stick with it for years, indulge in that deep blue shade. Love those tones now but want more flexibility in the future? Choose a creamy beige color that matches your seashell mural- it will tie the room together and leave you open in the future.

3.  Standard controls or upgraded lift system?

The easiest answer to this question is simple- will you be raising and lowering your shades every day, or are your shades more likely to be in one position most of the time? If you’re using your shades constantly, or you have kids or pets, opt for an upgrade. Cordless, motorized, and cord loop shades are all great choices that provide safety and versatility when correctly installed. If you know your shades are likely to be down or in the same position a lot, save your cash for a pretty fabric and keep the standard controls. Cordless shades do not operate as well when they are not used every day. If you have small children or pets and are opting for standard corded controls, use cord cleats (small anchors mounted to the wall used to wind cords safely out of the way). If you are going the cordless route, be sure to go in and give your shades a quick “raise-and-lower” to keep them in working order.

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