March 27, 2013 - The Great Room

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Picture of the Week: Reverse Vane View

All S-Curve vanes require you select a “Vane View”. Vane view is the direction the pattern faces- right or left- in relation to the stack of the blind. In Standard Vane View, the colored side of the vane faces away from the stack. For example, if the stack on the blind is on the left, the color faces right. Sometimes, the layout of your room will make Standard Vane View undesirable, because the area of the room you sit in the most will make it so that you are always looking at the back of the vane. In the room above, this would have been the case. The stack of the vanes needs to be on the right, so the door could still be opened. If Standard Vane View had been selected, the color would be facing to the left, and whoever was sitting drinking their coffee would have been looking at the back of the vanes- not very visually…