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For Timeless Beauty, Look to Rome(ans)

When you think of Roman shades, what comes to mind? Is it home-made, bulky, drapery-mimicking window coverings that obscure half the view of your window and have no place in your modern home? Roman shades don’t have to be that. In fact, a Roman Shade can be as versatile a window covering as a cellular without the crisp pleats and modern style of a cellular shade. Because of the wide variety of patterns and fabrics available, these gorgeous creations can lend themselves well to any home, and have an added bonus: Timelessness.

Romans are available in many fold styles, but most internet retailers limit themselves to a tailored flat panel or a hobbled style for the greatest variety of lift options.  A hobbled shade can add rich texture to a formal room, while the clean uncluttered lines of flat panel shades offer a deceptive simplicity. A flat panel Roman is the perfect touch to a simplistic modern style of design, and if down the road you decide to get more traditional with your décor, the soft beauty of the fabric will add dimension to any style you choose. Simply add drapery panels and voila: get your fancy on!

In addition, Roman shades can free you from the traditional pull-cord blahs. Want lots of light and lots of privacy? Go top-down bottom-up, with or without pull cords. Have high, inaccessible windows, or large picture windows and don’t want to build your biceps raising and lowering your shades every day? Try motorized shades (available with a wall switch if you tend to lose remotes). Have child safety in mind? Roman shades are available with cordless lift for a beauty all ages can enjoy.

This year, don’t settle for the hard line. You don’t have to worry about pleat sizes and whether or not something looks busy. Wrap your home in the timeless beauty that is a Roman shade.

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