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Sometimes, Being Fake Is a Good Thing

Wood blinds are a beautiful creation. They bring warmth and color to a room while blocking light and providing privacy. Basswood blinds are economical but beautiful, while North American hardwood has a luster to it that brings any room to life. But wood blinds can be a drag on your style in certain settings. They have very limited resistance to moisture, which can result in warping and cracking over time. Wood blinds are available in a variety of stains to match your furniture, but those stains are vulnerable to chipping and gouging, especially along the edges.

Faux wood blinds are a great, economical alternative. Named “faux” — the French word “false” — these creations provide more value than their name implies. They have all the same great options available like routeless, cordless, and decorative tapes. Many brands coordinate colors between their faux wood and real wood collections, so customers who have their hearts set on Wood can put a sturdy alternative in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. In addition, most manufacturers carry verticals that coordinate with their faux wood collections for a warm, coordinated look throughout the entire home, even on patio doors.

What really sets faux wood apart is its value. Not only is faux wood typically less expensive than its counterpart, it is also more durable. Faux wood is made of two materials: either a durable PVC foam or a composite material of blended wood particles and PVC. Blinds made of PVC are the least expensive option and have the best resistance to moisture. Composite-based blinds are the most durable, and resist warping in hot sun conditions. They are also lighter weight, making them easier to raise and lower, and many are made of recycled materials for your peace of mind. Another great way to take advantage of the value of your blinds: order 2 1/2 inch slats for greater view-through and a great alternative to shutters.

Any faux wood blind you choose for your home is sure to add great style and character, bringing years of enjoyment to any home in any budget.

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