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Marta’s Decorating Dilemma 102: A Blank Canvas

For those of you who do not paint, there is a well known¬†concept in the art world. A blank canvas is the hardest canvas to work with. In truth, this is a metaphor. Artists love a blank canvas for the opportunity it provides, but they represent a void, and point to an inspiration that hasn’t yet occurred. Many homes have these spaces: guest rooms condemned to blank white walls, offices left to pure utilitarianism in order not to distract from tasks at hand, and laundry rooms neglected for a lack of desire to spend time there in general. For Marta, this space was more conspicuous — it was the wall beside her bed. This is the place of knick-knacks in decorating- to fill space without overcrowding, to add a unique, personal touch to a room. Marta’s mother gave her a small, hand-painted statue of a geisha in a blue kimono. She also had a number of small blue and white…