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Mini Blinds, Many Choices

Mini Blinds, for some of us, evoke images of our first apartment- that drab little place you lived in based on its price tag alone. Mini Blinds don’t have to be a dull choice, though. With so many colors and options they can be an exciting focal point in your home, adding style to the high value standard you expect from traditional window coverings.

Mini Blinds have the best variety of color options from any single window covering style. Whether you want to add durable color to a child’s play room, accent a room with subtle neutral tones, or make a statement with your favorite color, these blinds have you covered. Almost any color you can think of is available in minis, in addition to a few you may not have. How about the sheen of polished bronze, or the mystique of purple? Some manufacturers even create minis with unique textures and finishes to compliment your individual style. 

Minis also have a wide variety of options. Need a French door covered and don’t have space for even a 1” slat? Try ½” micro-minis. Micro-minis fit within any modern décor, but in a bigger window they may look a little busy. In that case, try 1-3/8” or 2” slat sizes. Minis are also available with cordless and routless options for your safety and privacy considerations. 

Need more reasons to fall back in love with Mini Blinds? Minis are a great antidote to the heat, blocking up to 70% of reflective solar heat. They’re also easy to clean, needing only occasional dusting. For more thorough cleaning, most minis can be simply sprayed off with warm water (though using soap or detergents is discouraged).

So whether you’re a value shopper looking for choices or a fashionista looking to wow, Mini Blinds have many choices for all of your window covering needs.


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  1. Sarah Moore says:

    For blinds, I would definitely agree that they are tons of color to choose from. It will be great to have different designs to give the room a refreshing look!

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