February 2012 - The Great Room

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Picture of the Week

What we love about this picture is how perfectly these fabric vertical blinds blend into the fairy-tale theme of this room. This is because the blinds are a soft white fabric that matches the dream-like quality of the room and the window is framed by a drape of a coordinating fabric, which softens the modern lines of vertical blinds. These M&B vertical blinds are a Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Mini Blinds, Many Choices

Mini Blinds, for some of us, evoke images of our first apartment- that drab little place you lived in based on its price tag alone. Mini Blinds don’t have to be a dull choice, though. With so many colors and options they can be an exciting focal point in your home, adding style to the high value standard you expect from traditional window coverings. Mini Blinds have the best variety of color options from any single window covering style. Whether you want to add durable color to a child’s play room, accent a room with subtle neutral tones, or make a statement with your favorite color, these blinds have you covered. Almost any color you can think of is available in minis, in addition to a few you may not have. How about the sheen of polished bronze, or the mystique of purple? Some manufacturers even create minis with unique textures and finishes to compliment your individual style.  Minis also…

Picture of the Week

What we love about this picture is the versatile use of cellular shades. Cellular shade shoppers often find themselves worrying about coordinating the look of one window with another, and this photo puts those concerns to rest. In the window, there is an inside mount horizontal cellular shade in a cream color that compliments the theme of the room. Covering the door is a vertical cellular with an outide mount in the same color and fabric. This eliminates the need find a vertical that looks right with the other window coverings and stops up a major heat leak in the home. In addition, the trim on the valance and customized size means that even though this shade is an outside mount for function purposes, it will still look beautiful with the rest of the room.

Picture of the Week

Big windows, a beautiful view… and a really cold room. No one wants to ruin their view, but wearing your winter coat indoors is no fun either.  What we love about Levolor’s Sheer Efficiency Cellulars is their patented Energy Shield, which allows you to keep your beautiful view without sacrificing your heating bill. These sheers combine the view and solar protection of solar screens with the insulating power of cellulars, making this the picture of the week.

Coming This Week to BlindSaver.com!

This week we have a wonderful product making its BlindSaver debut! We are expanding our selection to include Eclipse Shutters. These unique shutters are a wonderful addition to any home for their style, versatility, and utility. Eclipse Shutters was founded in 1992. All Eclipse Shutter products are GreenGuard certified for your peace of mind, ensuring superb indoor air quality for you and your family. In addition, these stylish window coverings come with a 25 year unlimited warranty. Eclipse Shutters are made of flame retardant PVC that is guaranteed not to yellow or crack. The non-porous louvers are waterproof and easy to wash with soap and water. This is truly a peace of mind product! Eclipse Shutters are also an energy-savvy choice. Each louver contains a pocket of air. That pocket of air functions as it would in a cellular shade, providing a barrier to reduce heat loss in the winter. This feature, unique to Eclipse Shutters, is also what makes the…