January 2012 - The Great Room

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Picture of the Week

What we love about this picture is how it exemplifies the way color can bring out the beauty of a room. These Levolor Romans’ colorful stripes make a statement without screaming it. The greens and blues in the shade bring out the more subtle tones in the tile for a luxurious but still comortably subtle tone. The gentle filtering of the light and the top-down feature allow beautiful natural light in without compromising on privacy, creating a spa right in the home.

Alicia’s Decorating Dilemma 101 — Picture This

Last year after my son’s birth, my husband and I moved out of our large, one-bedroom apartment to a smaller, more affordable two-bedroom space while we save for a home. The biggest challenge we face is less space, and our family photos exemplify the dilemma perfectly.  Only two walls in our new home have enough space to hold photos, so I needed to pair down the clutter. I had a huge hodge-podge of frames that were the product of having my pictures spread throughout a large apartment with high ceilings. The first step in the process was to go through the photos and decide which were the most important. Trimming out old snapshots and moving them to the family photo albums helped a lot. I then narrowed it down to the special shots from specific occasions- wedding photos, holidays, and my son’s introduction to his family.  I still needed some inspiration, so I went online to look at various collage frames. On…

Picture of the Week

This week, we’d like to offer you a sneek peak of an exciting new product that will be available on our site soon: Eclipse Shutters. This versatile shutter is washable, energy efficient, and certified by GreenGuard. Keep your eyes open for a detailed release on this great new solution for your windows!

Getting HGTV’d BlindSaver Style

In episode #201 of HGTV’s show HGTV’d, designer Antonio Ballatore transformed an out of date 50’s-style living area and kitchen into the hip industrial scene the owners were looking for. To add the perfect touch to a newly modernized kitchen, his choice may intrigue you — it was our own BlindSaver Creations Roller Shades! A perfect choice for this room, BlindSaver Creations Roller Shades are available in over 50 different colors, prints and borders, and also in a Roman Shade style for a more traditional feel and softer fabric. When you choose BlindSaver, you aren’t just choosing a great price — you’re choosing high style!

Picture of the Week

What we love about Comfortex Ballet Performance Drapery Sheers: versatility and classic style. Available with or without vanes (which can be ordered as light filtering or room darkening) and with a traditional headrail or fascias, these are definitely the most versatile vertical window treatment. These sheers offer all the elegance and style of draperies with the privacy, easy operation and light control of vertical blinds. Bellisima!

How to Choose the Perfect Color

You’ve read up on color psychology.  You’ve put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and a slipcover on the sofa. You’ve thought over whether you’re a neutrals or color kind of person. You have decided which KIND of treatment you want. And then you get online to buy your shades and you freeze. There are just so MANY colors to choose from! And going neutral doesn’t solve the problem- there’s more shades of white than you ever thought possible! Take a deep breath. You don’t have to use “eenie-meenie-minie-moe” to pick your color (in fact, I strongly recommend against this method and similar ones such as “well, it says it’s white, so…”). The first step is to order samples. This is always worth the delay, because computer screens do not represent fabric qualities or colors accurately. Since you are typically limited on how many free samples you can get at once, and manufacturers update their available colors annually to keep…