Picture of the Week - The Great Room

Picture of the Week

Get creative in your space with panel track shades. Panel track shades aren’t just a great solution for large windows and doors. Sliding panel shades can be used to break up a large room, create privacy in a loft, or- as shown here- simply create a dining nook that’s separated from the hustle and bustle of the living room. Featured here: Levolor Panel Track shades from the Sheer Linen collection.

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About the Author: Alicia Graham

Alicia Graham is the Product Manager for BlindSaver.com. She is also an experienced set designer and interior painter, with a broad knowledge of painting techniques that ranges from faux painting to alternate tools that save time and headaches. She is dedicated to making the imagination work in step with the budget and turning hobbyists into artists. Alicia Graham believes that anyone can be an artist in their home with a little help and information.