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3 Reasons to Keep Warm With Wood

Looking for a way to add classic warmth and style to any room in your house? Wood blinds are a perfect window covering for almost every room in your home, adding a sense of warmth and style at a lower price than shutters. With so many beautiful stains and paints to choose from and a wide variety of available options, wood blinds offer a timeless elegance to any home.

1. Energy Efficiency

While cellulars get all the credit for this key point, wood blinds are remarkably green in this regard. Wood blinds have an average R Value (the amount the reduce heat loss) of 3.5-4, which is comparable to many single cell and sheer cellulars.  More notably, wood blinds have a U Value (the amount of heat they prevent from entering your home) of .26- meaning they reduce heat gain by up to 74% when closed.

2. High Quality at a Great Price

Ask anyone in the industry who makes the best wood blinds and the answer may surprise you- it’s usually Levolor or Bali that earn the recommendation of pros, not high-profile “designer” brands. Both brands have a wide array of colors to meet anyone’s style, and both individually hand craft their slats. In addition, Bali’s wood blinds are made using sustainable forestry techniques, including replanting all wood that is harvested and only using North American Hardwood.  Don’t want to take the word of the pros? Over 90% of our customers would recommend Bali’s wood blinds to a friend, and 100% say the same of Levolor’s wood blinds. Starting at less than $90 for 30” x 60” blind, you’ll have room to spare in your budget for our third reason to choose wood.

3. Unique Options to Customize Your Space

Features in wood blinds aren’t just about ladder tapes anymore (although both Bali and Levolor offer a wide variety of beautiful options in this regard). Whether you’re out to eliminate
tangled cords, want to increase privacy, or are looking for stylish valance options, wood blinds have you covered. Available free of route holes and cords, wood blinds are a safe, easy to clean, and privacy-enhancing choice for your home. Want a beautiful way to top it off? Try adding one of many available decorative valances and cornices to your window for the perfect finishing

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