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4 Fall Colors to Love All Year

Traditionally, saturated colors in decorating have been limited to accent pieces to keep a space open and neutral.  Incorporating these festive hues in large doses like area rugs, window coverings, or walls may seem risky but it is well worth it. Fall colors bring to mind bright, positive feelings and encourage some of our best personality traits to come forward. Red: Aside from aiding an easy transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas décor, this primary color can stir strong reactions. In most cultures it is symbolic of vitality. Some studies indicate that the color increases circulation and respiration, and color psychologists say it increases enthusiasm, energy, and confidence. In China, red represents good luck and celebration. However, because this color can increase irritability in heavy doses, it’s probably not a good paint option. Try using  his vibrant color in Hobbled Roman Shades to bring a rich feeling of social intimacy and vitality without overstating yourself. Orange: Want a more social dining…