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Tip of the Month: Match Cellular Blind Opacity to Lighting Needs

Cellular blinds have become a very popular trend for modern window treatments. The honeycomb structure keeps your home energy efficient by reducing drafts and cold spots around windows. Cellular blinds also help to control light filtration to maintain a comfortable environment for you and your family. When considering cellular blinds, don’t simply think about the color as a decorative choice but keep in mind that different rooms in your home require varying degrees of opacity and light filtration.

Block the Light
How much would you pay for a restful night’s sleep? What if the cost was as little as a new set of cellular shades with blackout fabric? Studies have shown that completely blocking light can lead to a more restful sleep and more energy by day. They are a necessary choice for those who work at night and sleep by day. For bedrooms, especially with windows facing the street, cellular shades with blackout capacity block light as well as noise from the outside while providing extra privacy. Blackout shades are also an excellent choice for a media room or home theatre where minimal light is optimal.

Diffuse the Light
If you have south facing windows, you know that on a sunny day the light and heat that come through those windows can warm and light up the entire house and even make it too hot. In fact, new sustainable architectural designs use the south facing side of the house to collect solar energy. Installing semi-opaque cellular shades on your south facing windows or any window with high exposure will help insulate your home, diffuse harsh light, block UV rays and provide some privacy.

Let the Sunshine In
During the winter months with the heater turned up, it is more important than ever to keep the cold out and the heat in. You may also find yourself flocking to cozy spots near the windows in your home with the best light exposure. With sheer cellular shades, you can keep the cold at bay, the heating bills down and the perfect amount of light coming in to keep you cozy all winter. The sheer shades still block out the UV rays coming in. Sheer opacity is a perfect choice for windows in rooms where privacy is not a concern.

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