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Choosing the Correct Slat Size for Faux Wood Blinds

If you are looking for the elegant look of wood window blinds but can’t squeeze them into your budget or the window is exposed to a lot of moisture, consider faux wood blinds as an equal alternative. Some faux wood styles even mimic the texture of natural wood. Faux wood blinds are available in a variety of natural white tones as well as a whole range of replica wood tones and matching valance is included with every order.

Faux wood blinds have adjustable slats that come in two sizes: 2 inch or 2-½ inch, and each size serves a different need.

Two-inch slats, the most popular size, offers privacy and light control which is important for bedrooms and bathrooms. Many brands offer upgrades for faux wood blinds to eliminate more light by hiding or disappearing visible route holes for a smoother appearance and increasing sound absorption. Another option available to cover the route holes are 1 ½ inch tapes which add a decorative embellishment to enhance your décor.

If you are worried that window blinds will obstruct your external view, you may prefer the 2 ½ inch slats to let in more light and maintain a clear vista. Larger slats are also a better choice for larger windows. If you like the look of shutters, some window blinds are available with 2-½ inch shutter style slats, which are beveled and have a tasteful and unique look. Faux wood shutters are also now available at

Benefits of faux wood blinds include moisture resistance and easy care. The moisture resistant feature makes them ideal for rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. Faux wood blinds are also easy to clean with a light duster, vacuum attachment or a damp rag without worrying about causing water damage or warping. The faux wood blinds work to insulate and reduce energy costs and many are made with recycled material.

Take advantage of low pricing on Levolor and Bali composite and faux wood window blinds and Comfortex Wood Winds. offers free one day shipping on BlindSaver One Day 2″ Faux Wood Blinds. Give your home the elegance and style it deserves without breaking the bank.


  1. Stephanie says:

    I am a big fan of the wood shutters. What a fun way to spice up your window area. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Image Blinds says:

    There’s nothing real wood for blinds but it seems faux wood is as beautiful. What’s more it is easy to clean and maintain. Great post!

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