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Single or Double Cellular Shades?

If you decided to embrace the trend of cellular shades, you are making an excellent decision. The stylish design, color variety and gentle light filtration are sure to make any room in your home the envy of the neighborhood. However, the true value of cellular shades are the way to reduce energy costs by filtering light and drafts while keeping UV rays out. Cellular shades are named for the tubular honeycomb shaped cells which create a pocket of air for insulation.  Most cellular shades are made with a single layer of connected cells. With the growing demand for energy efficiency, a double layer of connected cells improve upon the already superior insulating and protective qualities of single cell shades. Insulation If you are especially concerned with the energy efficiency of your home, the double cell shades are the way to go. The double layer cells provide an extra air pocket of insulation to keep warm air in and cold air…