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3 Tips to Pick the Right Shade for a Nursery

When equipping your baby’s nursery with window coverings, there are three factors to consider when choosing the right shade. 1) The first and most important factor is safety. If possible, install only cordless window coverings in the nursery. Most shades are available with a cordless option. The next best solution is a continuous cord loop which anchors permanently to the wall. You also want to place the crib on a wall with no windows. Cordless shades make nursery safety a breeze so that you have one less thing to worry about as a parent. The little one may not be able to reach the cord now, but they sure grow up fast, don’t they? 2) The second factor is light control. You should be able to darken the baby’s room so they can nap comfortably during the day. Room darkening shades will provide peace of mind and help your baby rest comfortably. If there is a light right outside the…