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How to Treat Oversized Windows Without Breaking the Bank

Outfitting your home can get expensive. There is always furniture to buy, home improvement projects like flooring and kitchen countertop replacements to facilitate, and countless other expenses to worry about. Window treatments can also prove to be quite expensive since most homes have a lot of windows that require covering. With the wide range of custom blinds, staying within a strict budget can be difficult. Fortunately, has you covered from all angles. No one will guess you paid so little for your window blinds.

The key to staying within your budget is to know what type of blinds you are looking for. By comparing different styles in reference to your expectations of the blinds (light control, privacy abilities, ease of cleaning, ease of operation, overall appearance, etc.) you can get an idea of what you can afford while keeping in mind what you want.

Here are three of the most affordable yet attractive window blind options for large windows:

Vertical Blinds – One of the most popular options for large windows and patio doors is vertical blinds. They provide privacy, light control and protection form the sun’s damaging rays. They are available in a limitless range of styles from value priced vinyl to high end decorative fabrics. The 3-1/2” vertical vanes draw across the window like a drapery and rotate open and closed for light control.

Roller Shades – The simplicity and timeless look of roller shades offer an extremely affordable option for a window treatment. Roller shades are available in a wide variety of fabrics, from designer looks, jacquards, silk looks to cotton and vinyl which range from black out to sheer. They are simple to operate, never go out of style, and their value can’t be compared to other types of custom blinds.

Solar Shades – One of the hottest new window treatment choices are solar shades. The sun can be a particularly powerful nuisance for windows that face any direction and solar shades are an inexpensive and effective way to remedy the problem. While they do not offer any privacy, they will block the harmful sun’s rays so you can still enjoy your view. Bali, Levolor, Graber and BlindSaver brands offer functionality and affordability with solar shades.

Regardless of which of these blinds you may choose for your home or office setting, keep in mind that they can be affordable and still beautiful. You don’t have to compromise style for price. Envision the look you want and work around that vision to find something within your price range.

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