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How to Clean Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are beautiful and are one of the first things that people notice when they walk into your home. They can also be a challenge when it comes to the task of cleaning them. Cleaning wooden or faux wood blinds keeps the dust off so they look their best. With a few simple cleaning techniques, you won’t work up a sweat while cleaning your wood blinds.

With regular cleaning, dust will not build up making each cleaning quick and easy. You can get away with dusting your blinds about once per month (depending on how dusty your home gets), or just dust whenever you see a layer of dust start to form.

For a quick dust, tilt the slats down and dust with your favorite furniture dusting tool.

For a more thorough cleaning wipe each slat with a soft cloth. Do not use water, solvents or abrasive solutions to clean the blind. This will cause damage to the blind. In very dusty environments, use a non-wax furniture polish to clean the blinds.

You can clean the blind hanging in place or you can take it down. By tilting the slats down, but not quite closed, you’ll be able to clean most of the top surface of each slat.

Some useful cleaning tools for cleaning both wood and faux wood blinds are dust mitts or magnet dusters made of wool or microfiber. Place an old sheet or newspaper on the floor below the window to catch runaway dust particles. Dryer sheets can also come in handy to rub against your cleaning tool so that dust sticks to the tool’s surface better.

Regardless of what you use, check with the manufacturer and test in an inconspicuous spot first to make sure it doesn’t damage your blinds. Keep your wood blinds clean and they will last and look beautiful for many years.


  1. Alice says:

    My problem is typically removing stains/dirt from my blinds. How do you suggest cleaning white blinds? You said to not use solvent, but I’ve been doing that for years! Is it really that bad?

  2. Shilpa says:

    Perfect, thank you so much – I struggle with my blinds all the time.

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