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Reduce Your Heating Bill with Cellular Shades

With the rapidly and wildly rising energy costs, many people are eagerly looking to reduce the heating bill in any way that is feasible. One simple and effective way to reduce the cost of your next heating bill is to install cellular shades. Honeycomb blinds are very popular window treatment solutions and a key component in efficiently and effortlessly saving energy while helping to maintain the indoor temperature in your home or office. Easy to install cellular blinds can help reduce your heating bills this winter and even your cooling bills next summer. In fact, out of all manufactured blinds, honeycomb blinds are by far the most energy efficient option. No other type of blind comes close to the energy efficiency of honeycomb-shaped blinds. Here is how cellular shades work to save money on the heating bill: Honeycomb blinds strategically trap air inside their unique “honeycomb” shaped pockets. These pockets become instant insulators that stop or slow down the transfer…