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Keep Both Light and Privacy with Top Down/Bottom Up Shades

One of the top reasons people shop for top down/bottom up shades is for privacy. Most people don’t want the inside of their home exposed to complete strangers, especially from ground level floors when it is easy to see inside. Window shades are often purchased to help remedy this. This brings up the dilemma of totally blocking out the light during the course of the day. With top down shades, you no longer have to pick between privacy and natural sunlight in your home.

Top down/bottom up blinds are shades that not only slide up from the bottom but also slide down from the top, hence the name. This allows you to block the view from outside on the bottom, and let in as much light as you want from the top. This is great news for those who have been previously frustrated at being forced to choose between having a dark room at high noon or a fully exposed room that one can peer into from a block away.

Available in a variety of colors, styles, functions, and fabrics, opacities, top down/bottom up shades are quickly becoming an ideal choice for every window in the house. Top down shades are available as cellular shades, roman blinds and even woven wood shades. These options allow you to combine your choice of color, style and texture with the versatility of a top down/bottom up system. Cellular top down/bottom up shades let you balance between letting in the sunlight during the day on the top while still getting some insulation around the window at the bottom.

Top down and bottom up shades are an inventive window treatment that basks in the glory of its flexibility. Windows can often open from the top which can help circulate fresh air throughout your home. A top down blind system can let you choose to open the top window a bit to let the hot air out and open the bottom a bit to let the cooler air in. It also reduces the risk of your blinds getting damaged from getting blown around if a light breeze picks up. There are dozens of arrangements available to meet your needs. Top down/bottom up shades are a jack-of-all-trades, or shall we say, a “jack-of-all-shades”?

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