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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Blackout Shades

You may have heard about blackout shades and the advantages they offer. If you are not familiar with blackout blinds and are still on the fence about whether they are worth investing in, read on to learn the top three reasons to choose blackout shades.

#1 Light
The #1 reason people choose blackout blinds is because they effectively block light from entering the room. If your bedroom is illuminated by any light source from outside your home at night, you can use blackout shades to keep the light out and the room dark. If you enjoy an occasional morning of sleeping in, blackout shades are the answer. If you work the night shift, room darkening shades can be essential in helping you sleep better during the daytime. An added bonus – blackout shades provide total privacy, which is important for both bedrooms and bathrooms.

#2 Noise
Blackout shades are known for their light-stopping ability, but you may not be aware of their noise reduction properties. Because of their insulating characteristics, blackout shades can greatly cut down on noise coming from outside of your home. This combination of noise cancellation and light blocking makes room darkening shades the perfect solution for people who live in cities, near busy roads or next to a loud neighbor.

#3 Insulation
The honeycomb design of cellular blackout shades helps to keep out the cold better than nearly any other window covering. The blackout component keeps your home cool in the summer by reducing heat gain. The shades are also backed in white fabric so they reflect the sun and heat. Energy efficient blackout cellular shades translate into year-round savings on both heating and cooling costs.

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