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3 Advantages to Roller Shades

Out of all the available window shade options, roller shades are among the most popular and practical. Roller shades are simple, affordable and convenient. Roller shades remain a best selling window treatment option consistently, year after year. Let’s take a closer look at these three advantages.

Simple yet Elegant
This timeless window shade design operates with a simple roller-based mechanism. The operation of roller shades hasn’t changed much over the years, except they have become more reliable and durable. The big difference these days is the plethora of fabric options available for a unique, contemporary look that can’t be beat. This simple functionality combined with a classic yet updated sophisticated look is just one of many reasons why roller shades remain among the top choices of window fashions. This style has been around for years and will continue to be around for many, many more. Clearly, this is a window treatment option that will never go out of style and can easily match any decor.

Inexpensive/Superior Value
Roller shades offer some of the highest value in window coverings today. This makes solar shades and other types of roller shades the choice of budget-conscious window treatment shoppers. Economic uncertainty makes price an important factor for most people and this type of shade is a great way to combine excellent value with unsurpassed, time-honored style. Roller shades are within most shoppers’ budgets and can vary in price to bare-bones to high end.

Motorized Option
Adding the motorized option to your new roller shade increases its convenience and functionality. Windows that are hard to reach can now also benefit from lighting control and add a splash of color. Whether you choose a solar shade fabric or something more opaque, a motorized lift system is the ultimate in convenience. Radio frequency motorization combines automated sophistication with an intelligent design. Is the sun in your eyes in that hard to reach window and you need your solar shades lowered? Remote-operated motorization is the ideal way to make life easier for you. With the motorized option, your roller shades are no longer a burden to put up or down.

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  1. Product Spotlight: Roller Shades says:

    […] The roller shade is available in a variety of trendy fabric options with various degrees of light control. Customization options are endless with roller shades as we can also plan window treatments to go along with your decor. While the basic design has remained the same, quality and durability of the roller shade has continued to improve over time. What has changed is that there are now numerous fabric options. […]

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