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Installation Tips for Cellular Blinds

For people who love DIY projects, installing cellular blinds would be a great way to save money on installation fees and it makes a great afternoon project. If you are not into do-it-yourself projects, but you still want to attempt the installation of honeycomb blinds by yourself, don’t worry our products come with easy to understand installation manuals. Also, we have listed some general tips below to help you install your Levolor cellular shades or any other brand you’ve chosen. Read the Manual While this is very obvious, a lot of people forego reading the instruction manual thinking that it would be easy figuring out how to install cellular blinds without reading the manual. If it is your first time installing honeycomb blinds or Levolor cellular shades, it is strongly recommended that you follow the manual. The manuals usually include helpful tips as well as trouble shooting guides for any issues you might encounter. Be Ready Before you start the…